Life has been unusually busy and crazy with a side of insane just to keep things interesting.  Im not complaining, for the most part.  Sure there are things I would like to do without, things I would certainly get rid of if given the chance, but for the most part – life has been wild and fun.  Did I mention busy?  Not sure I have ever had two months that have been so busy.  I guess that’s what happens when you pretty much double the population, and toss an almost 2 year old into the mix.  Again, not complaining.

The other day Amanda and I were attempting to get some writing done at one of our favorite restaurants that offers free wifi (yay for free wifi!).  It really should have been a sign, when our coffee was left empty the entire time.  But things only got worse.  Because the wifi went out.  Then on.  Then off.  Then on.  Then off.  It frustrated us to no end, and we decided to pack up and head somewhere else.

We originally were going to have mom come pick us up, drive us to the other location, and then continue on.  But after second thought we decided just to walk.  The only problem was it was snowing.  The first real snow of the year, meaning that everyone was driving crazy, the sidewalks were slippery, and the snow was wet and cold.  In all my wisdom I had only brought a sweater, not thinking we would be WALKING.

But after much consideration, and frustration from lack of wifi and not getting ANYTHING done, we decided to go for it.

After a few stops at other locations to see if they offered wifi (no – boo) we continued on.  Across the street, through the snow, around a corner.  It was getting close to being dark, it was cold, and it was slippery.  This is important to understand for the next part of the story.

After crossing one street, I turned to cross another – but Amanda continued down the sidewalk.

“THIS WAY!” I yelled, continuing my trek across the already snow covered street, looking both ways to make sure there were no cars.

“HEEEEEEEEELP” I heard.  Turning around to see…

A blue coat laying in the middle of the road.  It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on.  Amanda was laying face down in the middle of the road.  Why?  I had no idea.  What was she doing in the middle of the road?  Why was she laying there?  I rushed to her aid and helped her to the side, which is where I lost all control…

And started laughing.

Because what else does one do?

Her scarf was covered in snow, making it appear as if she had a beard, when I turned around and saw her I had no idea what had happened, only that one minute she was running off the wrong direction and the next she was laying in the road.  The middle of the road.  Which is a question I would continue to puzzle over: Why was she LAYING, face first, in the middle of the road?

She claims she slipped.  Her coat blinded her, and she couldn’t stop herself.  I say she felt sorry for the snow covered road and wanted to hug it.  But regardless, she was laying face down, in the middle of the road.

I should offer some clarification to say that I did come to her aid and make sure she was ok, called for a ride, and helped her across the slippery road to find out she was ok BEFORE I laughed.

But still…WHY was she laying face down in the middle of the road?

I guess it’s just another question we will never know the answer to.  And just another reason why I will miss her when shes gone: Who is going to give me blogging material?

One thought on “Life in Fast Forward

  1. RoSy says:

    Glad she was ok though.
    When I went up in flames – my hubby cracked up. I was like WTH???
    Well – looking back & I was ok – yep- I picture the scene & it is quite funny.

    Stay warm 🙂

    My incident – Last paragraph:

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