Earlier tonight I was overcome with thankfulness, as I often am this time of year – but this year, its something special.  And yes, it could be the fact that its 2 am, and I am tired.  But I was thinking about something…

Something known as family.

You see, my family…is something else, they really are.  We seem to be an intense, all or nothing sort of group that functions on extreme, ALL. THE. TIME.  And when you get a bunch of us together, its bold and interesting, exciting and most likely probably scary for some.  But you know what else?

It just so happens that I am loud, intense, all or nothing, and probably somewhat scary to some myself.  I fight to it right, enjoy a good debate and get passionate about one thing at a time.  And not a lot of people really get that, or understand that.  Or accept that.

My bold, fun, exciting side rarely shows and on my own?  I am a bumbling fool.  I don’t like to mess things up, but paired with another person who is just as bold and excitable as I am?  And the world is full of ideas with endless possibilities and ample amount of untold fun.

Of course there are moments when all that bold passionate energy bubbles up, and gets rubbed together wrong.  Then something or someone, usually explodes.  Even in our arguments we are bold and full of passion and usually end with the realization that we were all for the same thing, arguing the same point – just taking a different approach which makes this life so interesting.  We all see the same thing – so much differently.

People have often commented, saying they wish they had X as a family member.  A lot of times I think “Yea you would” because lets face it – I am not always thankful for this wild bunch that I call my family.

But tonight, I realized something important.

These people?  Are a vital part of my life.  There are no other people in this world that would known me as well as they do, and still embrace me, love me, encourage me, laugh and put up with me – like my family.  And as much as I get tired of them, I am sure they get tired of me – because I am just as complicated and confusing and frustrating as the rest.

So while I know its cliché, I have to just say – that I truly am thankful to God for my (wild, bold, passionate, fun, crazy) family.  Atleast for today.

DSC_0047Mom n’ Me – Because its impossible to get a family photo!

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