I dont usually participate in these kind of things, but I dont usually go weeks without posting either, so here it is.  Be sure to participate and link up!


Where is your cell phone? Uhh…It was just here, but who knows.  Its not really mine, more like, a shared phone.
Your hair?  Is a wild mess right now.  So much so I scared myself looking in the bathroom mirror at walmart this afternoon.  It gets weird on Sundays.
Your mother? Is quite possibly, my biggest fan.  Love you mom!
Your father? Is at home
Your favorite thing? Some carefully calculated alone time.
Your dream last night? Was a weird combination of small snippets of dreams.  Nothing really worth repeating.  Ask me tomorrow.
Your favorite drink?  Coffee.  Always the coffee.  Black and hot.
Your dream/goal? So many things!
The room you are in? The office
Your fear? The first thing that comes to mind is someone coming in the house at night.  No idea WHY.
Where do you want to be in six years?  So many, many places!
Where were you last night? Oh boy.  My sister and I were at a local restaurant writing until 830, then we went to walmart for unneeded items, and back home for a late dinner and a 2 am bedtime.
What are you not?  A genius.
Muffins? Yum.  Especially mini ones.
One of your wish list items?
Where you grew up? Same town, different house.
The last thing you did? Probably sad that it took me a good minute to remember.  The last thing I did was walk in the office from outside where the snow is turning into slush.  Yuck.
What are you wearing? An outfit I am still debating on.
Your TV? Is old.
Your pets? One dog, two cats.  Two very naughty cats.  And a crazy dog.
Your computer? We have a total of 7 computers.  My desktop is one of the older ones – but I love it to pieces.  My laptop is a wonderful HP who needs a new name – because apparently I have been sending documents whos author is “Purple People Eater” opps!
Your life? Crazy, Wild, and Busy!  With a side of mostly awesome.
Your mood? Constantly on the change
Missing someone? Not today
Your car? Don’t have a car, but the family car is not special – an old explorer who has yet to be named.
Something you are not wearing? Shoes
Your favorite store? None.  I hate shopping!
Your summer? Awesome.
Like someone? Yea I spose I like a few people
Your favorite color? Blue/Green/Purple/Red/Yea…
When was the last time you laughed? Today.
Last time you cried? Prob a few days ago – Don’t really remember.

I hope to be back within the week with words that actually make sense…but until then…

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2 thoughts on “Old School Blogging

  1. RoSy says:

    Not a fan of shopping either.

    May you have good laughs in your day every day 🙂

  2. misselaineous0375 says:

    That’s funny that you name your computers. And now likey the shopping? That’s kind of sad. 😉

    That’s so cool that you were hanging out and writing with your sister.

    Thanks for linking up!

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