Earlier tonight I was thinking some sad thoughts about how it hasnt even been a month since Amanda got here, but in less than a month they will be leaving.  Doesnt seem right somehow, that they JUST got here, and now they will be leaving.  I was trying to cheer myself up by thinking soon we will be going to see THEM – but just got sad thinking about the fact that the soon we will go see them, the sooner we will be leaving to come HOME.  I know, doesnt make sense.

I was also thinking about the whole “Project Thankfulness” that is going around, 30 days of thankful.  I would fail majorly at it this year, and not because I dont have enough to be thankful for, but because Im busy just living and not recording.

Sunday was a sunny day.  Cold, but sunny.  I was getting ready to take Yoshi out for a walk, and figured what the heck – I will ask the fam to come too.  So out we went.


It always takes ten times longer to get ready when taking the whole fam out.  Yoshi was ready and waiting.


And we’re off!


Mom n’ Me




I thought it would be a good exercise in futility to take a “Family Photo” even though dad was missing.  Needless to say it didnt work.  But the attempts?  Make me laugh.  Prob wont be making the Christmas card tho!


Crummy photo but the happiness….Cant help but smile with them all 🙂


Just when we got back, Yoshi’s best bud, Honey, showed up.  The next 30 minutes were a blur of this.




Again – crummy photo but check out the air they were getting!


Yoshi’s thoughts on it all.


Im going to miss having a little subject around to photograph!


Making Auntie Proud…


With his mad photography skills!


One thought on “Smile!

  1. RoSy says:

    Enjoy your family tim! 🙂

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