Fall is here.  Atleast in Ketchikan it is!

Its cloudy and raining outside today.  After a stretch of extended summer, we are now returning to our regular weather: Rain.  While most people are happy to welcome the rain back, Im in the other camp, mostly alone, wishing for just a few more days of Summer.  But who am I kidding?  I wouldn’t be happy with just a few more days.  Really, Im working on being happy with whatever weather – and not complaining 24/7 about the sun (seriously, people complain about the sun!) and rain (sigh.)

Ive been in a writing/photography slump since returning from our trip.  I always get that way, but usually I get back into things after a month or so.  But this time – I just havent been motivated to pick up the camera, or write about…anything, really.  I have lists of things that SHOULD motivate me.  Things like “take a picture of this each day” or topics for everyday.  Or something.  But I get motivated around midnight when I am talking myself through the tasks for the following day.  And then, I don’t know what happens.  I lose it in my sleep or something.

I am really looking forward to the Spring this year.  Maybe its because I am trying to look PAST the fall and winter.  But Im trying to motivate myself to appreciate the fall and winter.  Im not really sure why.

Im trying to clean EVERYTHING.  Which is about as daunting as it sounds.  It seems like once I clean one thing, another fifty things need cleaned.  Take yesterday for instance.  I was cleaning a wall, when I discovered some dirt in a corner, in order to get this dirt – I needed to pull the cupboard/storage thing out.  And once I did I saw cobwebs.  So I opened on of the drawers and the rest is well, history!  I ended up cleaning the drawers out, and washing a load of hats.  HATS!  I was feeling pretty good when I pushed the cupboard back, closed the drawer (full of clean hats) and stood back.  When I realized.  The wall was still just as dirty.


: )

I have a few ideas for decorating this fall, which makes me excited – because I don’t do decorations.  And Im not crafty.  AT ALL.  But I found a few ideas that look fun to try, and so I might attempt something.  Who knows!  Anything to make the fall go faster, right?

But for now…

Its time to enjoy the day, which I guess is really what the whole summer has been about.  Seizing the moment, and trying to make the most of it – whatever it may be!  Maybe, with any stretch of the imagination, I can put the same thought into fall.  Enjoying fall.  Enjoying winter.  Even though the very word makes me shiver.

What ways do YOU enjoy Fall/Winter/Rainy weather?

2 thoughts on “Its Official…

  1. RoSy says:

    I’m in the same camp is you – wanting more days of summer! So – now there are two of us at that camp – LOL 🙂

    Fall – Colors, Scents, Halloween, Thanksgiving
    Winter – Snow (to look at only – not to shovel or drive in), Family time, Christmas, NYE, My bday
    Rain – The sound of it, the colors of the sky

    1. CJ says:

      Glad Im not alone here! 🙂 Heres to an awesome Fall

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