We are enjoying our “extended summer” over here.  While most years the sun and heat is long gone by now and replaced with sideways rain and cold winds, we are being treated to some sunny weather and taking advantage of it!

Earlier this week we got out for a random fishing trip.  We have done quite a bit of fishing this year – on random sunny evenings we load up and drive the two minutes to the boat launch, launch the boat and buzz around getting as many fish as we can.  Some nights we do pretty well, and others we get nothing.  Yoshi went for her first boat ride/fishing trip.  She hates to be left alone, but is also very shy around other people so we weren’t sure how she would do.


She wasnt too sure at first.

But quickly warmed up.  She enjoyed watching the birds, smelling the fish, and “getting the ball” – The ball shaped weight.


She was such a big girl – until we got back to the dock.  Where there were numerous people, boats and lots of noise and action.  She really could have done without that.


I will never get tired of this view.  Its always different, but always so awesome.


Mom n Me.

Then this weekend we spent a majority of our time out on the water.


Of course, Miss Yoshi had to go too.  She now knows the words “Ball, Come, Sit, Treat, and Boat.”  She goes wild if you ask her if she wants to go on the boat.  She still doesnt appreciate the dock, but loves the boat.  This afternoon we were sitting and waiting in the boat – and another dog came running up and actually jumped in.  Yoshi didnt think this was a good idea.  It was HER boat.


Checking for “Balls.”





Me n Yoshi

DSC_0953After boating/fishing off and on for two days – she was a tired puppy.  All that fresh air and bird watching wore her right out.


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