Almost five days ago now, we surprised mom and dad, and well, pretty much everyone else with a visit from a few special people.

We decided a few months back that when David, Amanda and Mr JD came for a visit, we wouldn’t tell mom or dad and instead surprise them.

Yep.  Just five days ago they boarded multiple planes, flew dozens of hours and thousands of miles to surprise mom and dad all the way from England!  Without saying a word!  Mom and dad, while suspicious of the unusual activities (such as me going on a cleaning binge) didn’t suspect a thing, or atleast, didn’t suspect that their daughter, son and law and grandson would RANDOMLY appear!  🙂

It was seriously hard not to say anything to either mom and dad, random people, or make a mention of it here on the blog.  Because hello?  Thats BIG news!  And I am no good at hiding big good news!  But we did it!

Tuesday evening I called mom to pick me up from town, lured a reluctant mom into the store with the promise of apples – and out they jumped from behind the corner.  Mom jumped.  Then gasped.  Then smiled.

Its been pretty much nonstop since they got here with everyone trying to assume new roles, and fit new people into the schedule of life.  Its funny, it just works.  Its like they have always been here – yet not.  They fit in like they have always lived here, and yet life is so much insanely, fuller.

Busy, would probably be more accurate.  When you double the amount of people in your family, and add a wild, curious and seriously busy little man into the mix – life tends to get busy.  But its been fun.  And interesting.  And well, just right really.

All but the part where David has been sick.  That hasn’t been fun.  But hopefully he will soon be on the mend, and life will just be all that more busy.

Ive also decided that aside from my usual roles as being a sister, and daughter – being an auntie is pretty darn great.  Of course, I guess it helps when you pretty much have the best nephew ever.  He even manages to make “Auntie Chir” sound adorable by putting a Chinese accent on and saying “Shhhhiii” with a dip of his head.

Hopefully this next week we will all settle into a groove, and I will be able to take some pictures, because Nik has just been DYING to get out of his case.  But if not – just know that we are all busy enjoying life – and hope you are too!


One thought on “Surprise!!

  1. Tonya says:

    What an awesome surprise! I hope you all have a great time together.

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