In a sea of seemingly endless yellow – they taunt me, reminding me of a time – when I was young.

The colors of blue and yellow were always too much for me to ignore.  Despite their short lastings, I would pick them – and a day later, their yellow petals would drop off, leaving behind a fine layer of yellow dust.


Amanda always arranged the flowers with great ease, putting just the right amount of green to accent the flowers, while I struggled with getting the lengths of the stems right.  Somehow I always ended up with a cup of “Floating flower heads.”  She always told me to cut the stems longer – and I never listened.  The one time I did I uprooted the entire flower.


Walking down the road, I saw them.  Yellow and blue.  The colors, they still excite me today.

“Pick me!” they cried.  Despite my best intentions, I gave in.


And I cut the stems way too small.

One thought on “Blue and Yellow

  1. Capn Manda says:

    Haha Jd does that too. Pulls the flower heads right off the stems he does. At least you leave a bit there. 😀

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