Our little friend Parker, used to call baby chickens (or any baby animal really) “Baby Easters.”  Our little baby Easters are going up.  This weekend we had 80 degree temperatures and decided it would be a good day to ease them into the chicken pen.  Dad made a little pen for them because they are still too little to go in with the already grown chickens.

The first night I went to get them, they were happy to see me and came running and chirped happily when I put them back in their tote to take them in the house.  Last night when I went to collect them – all 33 littles were snuggled together and asleep, and less than impressed when I woke them up.  Today I put them out – and they ran off without a second thought, happy to have the room to run, but then this afternoon I went to check on them, and 33 little heads came bobbing over to me.


A little dark – but this is what I walked into – the full attention of 33 littles.

I was having fun trying to get pictures of them, and just started to get into it, when my camera started flashing absurd things at me like “Shutter disabled – recharge battery.”  Kill joy that camera is!

These were a few days ago – one of their first outdoor trips.




Then Today:


Nawww!  Even tho they are growing so fast, they are still so little!


This is one of the full grown roosters – he thinks he is all that.  He is a smaller rooster however, and gets picked on.  He usually lives with a hen (who is twice his size) but since the littles are living out there, he is living with the big roosters.



I liked how the wire seemed to ‘melt’ into the background




The lighting was hard to adjust to because of their heat lamp, but I was usuing the wire to frame the littles in with.

And now Im off to re-charge that battery!

One thought on “Baby Easters

  1. RoSy says:

    Cute little baby Easters 🙂

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