My sister


So today is Capn Mandas birthday, and I pretty much fell off any birthday wagon there was to be had.

Mailed her package late, all but forgot to tell her happy birthday, and didn’t even eat any cake.  Sigh.

Ontop of all that?  I didn’t even come up with a nifty blog post congratulating her on being ¼ century old.

Maybe next year.

Happy Birthday Capn!  I hope your day was better than this post!

5 thoughts on “25”

  1. Forgot to have cake did you? Well, guess I should have two pieces to make up for it! Your package arrived, not even 2 days late, so that’s awesome! Better then me, I didn’t even send you a package. Of course….you were here for your birthday soooo. But I did forget to make you a cake. Guess we’re getting old huh? Forgetting things?

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