Moms Birthday!  Happy Birthday mom!

I was trying to write “Birthday” earlier today, it took me a handful of tries to finally get it right.  It didnt LOOK right, but I couldnt figure out what was wrong either – missing letters dont really matter that much do they?

Last night I tried to decorate the shop so when mom came in this morning it would be pretty.  But the balloons I was trying to blow up – were small water balloons that made my cheeks burn.  Also?  They decided to pop on random, making me jumpy.  Needless to say I handled them like dynomite.

It would also seem I am having difficulties with more than just words today – I cant get my picture to do what I want, so instead of doing some fancy thing with cutting the text out of a picture and making it look…interesting…I will just post the picture.


Happy Birthday Mom!


(also? I couldnt get the code to work for the color I wanted. So whatevs. Green it is. On second thought, maybe I better not chance that cake…)

One thought on “Today is…

  1. RoSy says:

    The first day of summer & it’s your mom’s birthday too. How wonderful is that?
    Happy Birthday to your mom! 🙂

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