About two weeks ago I gave my laptop a sip of coffee.  Of course in the matter of seconds I realized my grave mistake, and it never fully got to appreciate coffee the way I would have hoped.  In reality what happened I was telling Amanda a story about what I cant remember at the moment, I picked up my coffee and promptly dumped it.  Not just a little.  But the ENTIRE cup all over, evenly spread across the keyboard of my laptop.  Amanda and I jumped, and it didn’t even get 2 seconds to enjoy, but that was enough to fry the keyboard on my laptop.

I gave it the night, a very long painful night to recover.  But the next morning when I started it up, the B key stuck – and that was that.  I cried.  A whole bunch of tears, because what else can you do when your computer is on, but you are stuck because the keyboard doesn’t work.  And then we decided to take a walk to the computer shop.

Who looked at it, and said mother board. I would have cried – except I was out of tears, and had really already diagnosed it as NOT being the mother board.  And then he told me to give it a week – to let it air dry.  And then I cried.  And pouted.  And walked off.  More upset than I was before – because a week?  With no computer?  Was just not going to do.

After about 30 minutes of pouting away and ignoring the sun we decided to see about a rental laptop.  Long story short – we ended up leaving the coffee allergic computer so it could get a new keyboard, and I walked out with a loaner laptop.  Except that the loaner didn’t have a slot for my memory card, and when I cant get my pictures on the computer I kind of forget that I can still take pictures, and so I was sort of….out of water there for a while.

Then I left England.  With a laptop that still wasn’t fixed because they had accidentally ordered a UK styled keyboard – so that was fun, and then there was that whole…..20 hour flight that kind of got to me, combined with time changes and frustrating things at the boarder but Im back!  Im back home, and back getting acquainted with my old PC whom I have to say I love very much.

All that is a long way to say: Im back.  And will be doing some catch up this next week, but until then here are some flower pictures, because that makes everything ok, right?




And if that isnt enough, one more of Mr JD, that should make up for it right?



One thought on “Im Back

  1. RoSy says:

    Oh dear!
    Well – welcome back 🙂

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