I spent all week thinking this weeks theme was “Still.”  Turns out the theme was “Moving.”  Not MY best move!  I stuck my memory card in the computer and realized I took less than 10 pictures these past two weeks.  Again, not my best move!  *Heres to taking more pictures!*

After an afternoon of being tied to the dock – they finally got the boat MOVING and we went fishing.  YAY for leaving the island!

Moving water

Moving Puppy (shes always on the move!)

I found this picture funny – they are both moving exactly the same way.

4 thoughts on “You Capture: Moving

  1. Love that last pic! They look like two buddies ready to take off & take on the world!

  2. Stacia says:

    Oh, those sweet pups. They look so happy!!

  3. Carol says:

    Wow! Love your photos ~ reminds of my black lab that I used to have ~ he loved the water ~ Fantastic shots ~ thanks ^_^

  4. I love the last picture, it would look so cute as a print or canvas hanging on a wall!

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