Hello World!

This blog post is to commemorate my re-entrance to the world of the internet. The internet service went out here one week ago today, and just came back on last night. I couldn’t really be more excited. It’s amazing how much you miss the net when it’s gone, because when it’s gone, it seems everything is.

Here is a list of things I couldn’t do this week.

  • Talk to Mom and Chir!
  • Order things
  • Look up postcodes -those letters aren’t going to mail themselves
  • Look up random urgent info, like “what year was Edward the second king” and ”do bluebells last a long time in water”
  • Watch Netflix
  • Watch you tubes! Silly things like sesame street parodies, but also how to install parts on bikes, David couldn’t find out how to fix the bikes he’s trying to work on here
  • Listen to sermons
  • And of course BLOG! I couldn’t even write this post.


    This was pretty much me and David this week



    It was quite a week. Our best idea for internet in this situation consisted of hooking up David’s smart phone for 3G service. That worked great! Until the phone provider shut him off without warning because he was using too much data. Then we put my phone’s sim card into Davids phone and used that to tether the phone to the computer, that only lasted about 2 hours though, and then my phone shut off saying we had used up all my credit. Our next idea was to go up the hill to Nan’s house, so off we went. Sure enough, she had internet, yay! We were happy to find out that there was still hope yet for us, at least the whole world hadn’t come unplugged. I also spent an afternoon in a coffee shop, drinking cappuccinos and chatting to mom and Chir, it was great fun, except when they closed, and I realized I had no place to go. Sure I could head back home to the Oaks, but to a place with no internet? No one wants to be caught in a dead zone.

    Every time I ran into David H who helps run The Oaks -where we live, he would ask ”How are you?” I would respond “fine” all the while thinking, “Well that depends… “Have the internets come back yet?” One day after the other passed, each day, more than once a day,we would hook up the ethernet cable, and attempt to connect to the net, all without any success. It’s funny the things you realize you need when you don’t have internet. I suddenly needed all sorts of information, train times, weather, addresses for my thank you cards, even a recipe for Oreo cheesecake cookies; it was all there on the net -the net that I couldn’t reach.

    Then finally, Thursday came. It had nearly been one week with no net. We were on our way off to Nan’s house to borrow her unlimited wifi, when we spotted a Virgin Media van parked at the bottom of our hill. A man was busy working on a box of cables. “THAT must be THE box!” I said. “They might be there fixing our internet!”

    We went to Nan’s and borrowed her internet there, then it was 10:00 before we knew it. When we got home I checked the internet and it was there. YAY! Internets are back!

    So now I’m going to celebrate! Connected to the internet, I’m going to talk to mom and chir. And maybe watch some youtubes too.

    “We should ask for some money back from Virgin Media for not having internet for a week.” I told David.

    “Well, we don’t pay for internet remember?” David said. “The Oaks does”

    “RIGHT…” I said, remembering that this was true.

    I still think they should pay us anyways!

    Of course I may never know why the internet left last week. Or where it went. But I do know that I am thankful to have it back. Internet, I am glad to have you back, thanks for coming home.

    The internet, electricity, and the washing machine are probably my top three favorite modern inventions. What are your favorites?

  • One thought on “The Day the Internet Left

    1. CJ says:

      Congratulations on surviving the end of the world! YAY! Internets are back! Now you can make cake! lol Funny how when something of importance (such as internet, or electricity) goes out – it feels like nothing else works either! I think it goes without saying, but Internet and Electricity. The world doesnt exist without them!

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