So often, I think…we as humans get caught up in the instant things. Instant food, instant movies, instant anything…snap my fingers here it comes…instant entertainment. Sometimes I think that we tend to think that if something isn’t instant – then its not meant to be. Or it isn’t going to happen. Or its wrong, or maybe, we are doing something wrong. Because hello? I asked for it, got no answer, answer must be no, lets move on.

Ok, so maybe that’s more of my thought process. But maybe someone can sympathize with me in my simple minded thinking.

The thing is, not everything is instant, and not everything, ok, hardly ANYTHING happens in our time. In our plans. On our schedules. As hard as we try to keep things confined to time, things go out of “control” or atleast out of our control. The traffic was too slow, we were a bit late, we missed the opening credits, and now our lives will never be the same because we wont know who played what. But on a bigger level…our simple minded narrow views take on a whole new perspective.

We only see…a very small portion of things. We see us. Maybe our family, and if we are so lucky, perhaps a small part of where we live. We really, have no concept of what is going on around us. We can try to follow the news, but how many times will we know whats going on with THAT person living in THAT corner of the world?

Every so often we get what people refer to as “Woah it’s a small world…gone smaller!” moments where our lives collide with someone elses. Where our story meets up with someone elses. Where our busy schedule smashes against someone elses and suddenly…there we stand. Grasping an oh so small view of what it must be like to see everything at once. From start to finish.

How many times have we wondered “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” I know I have wondered the same thing, and not just in a “I forgot why I came to this room” sort of moment. More in a…“What is our purpose in this world?” Why. Am I here?

If you really stop to think about it, the fact that YOU are HERE is amazing in an of itself. The fact that I am here. Really is amazing (considering I should really be doing something else – kidding. Mostly). What I mean is the fact that God has chosen to place me, and to place you – where we are, is not by accident.

So many times I wonder if I am in the right place, if I should be doing something else, if I shouldn’t be doing something…bigger. Better. More.

The plain and simple truth is that you are where God has placed you. You are part of a bigger plan. You are part of His plan. His goal. His end result. Even if you cant see it now, even if you never see it. The fact is that you are part of a bigger plan. Yet so often, we get caught up in the “Woah is me I have no point” sagas that we forget to remember:

Our lives? Are not an accident. We are here. For a reason.

Whether or not you choose to see that is a completely different story. Instead of waiting for that big moment, instead of thinking this isn’t good enough…why not realize that where we are, who we are, and what we are – is all part of a plan. A much bigger plan.

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