In a land before the Internet and Text Messaging we played outside for hours at a time, spending long summer hours at the beach, wearing jellie shoes that always smelled like ocean.

We played on merry go rounds…at the play ground.  Falling off, hanging on for dear life and getting kicked in the head was all part of the game called life.

On rainy days we played games like Mouse Trap, Mr Bucket and Pet Shop.

Oregon Trail was a favorite.  Something about being loaded up on a computer chair with your best friends as you navigated a rickety wagon across a computer screen, cheering them along was great fun back in the day.  Until you died.  Then it was no longer fun.

Oregon Trail was one our first computer games that ran from a CD – before that we used Floppy Disks.  We played these computer games on our ancient computers that ran Windows 95, and loved it.

Pogs. Velvet color posters.  Craft loops, Glo Worms and Little Ponies were all part of someones toy box.

Fruit strip gum.

Furbies could teach each other to burp.

Lisa Frank was on every folder and notebook we owned.
Pocket Pets were responsible for getting every kid up at 2 am to feed a digital dinosaur.

Lambchop’s song never ended.  Still hasnt.

Sprinkle Yogurt was all the rave.
Fanny packs (or bum bags) were in style.

And push up pencils were the tried and true way to upset your best friend simply by loosing a piece of led.

What do YOU remember?

2 thoughts on “Things I remember from the ’90s

  1. Capn Manda says:

    Hah! I see those clear jellies you have there! Remember the clears were the least favorite? We loved the colored ones. I liked to chew mine cos they tasted like salty ocean! They should bring jellies back into fashion again, be better then crocs! Taste better too lol! Fun post We were talking to nan about those led pens and we were like ”the led always broke!!”; Nan was like no it doesn’t, only if you push it too far out and write really hard.” Woops! p.s. you forgot polly pockets

    1. CJ says:

      Yeh, our jellies were pink, light pink because they faded but much better than clear – couldnt find them things when they got lost at sea!

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