Our Easter was pretty quiet.  I originally had planned on taking pictures of some little “nests” I had made for our morning potluck – but they all disappeared before I could.

It was a beautiful day tho, and I couldnt let it go by without going outside.  So the dogs and I went to the beach while dinner was cooking.

There was candy involved…

This is how I always picture candy when I try to eat it…It always is running away, begging me not to eat it.  I am a cold heartless person, because I usually eat it.  While apologizing.

Poor candies!

Yoshi and I tried to get an Easter self-portrait.

And that?  Was our Easter in an egg shell.

3 thoughts on “You Capture: Easter

  1. I like pictures of things in places they aren’t usually at…likes Hershey Kisses on a rock. Nice job! 🙂

  2. Stacia says:

    Love the self-portrait. Happy Easter!

  3. Stillmary says:

    Love the crocuses, kisses, and “Easter in an egg shell”.

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