She just is!  But some reason, that doesn’t seem to do well in the argument department.  Some reason people I know seem to think that their sisters?  Are better than mine!  And while yours might be your best sister, I have to say, I think I’m pretty lucky to have my sister as mine.  Just sayin’s all.

1.  She’s awesome.  In ways I cant explain.  She just is.

2.  She’s funny.  There are some things that people just don’t get.  But she does.  Inside jokes, outside jokes, jokes in-between and things that are far fetched.  Laughing with someone who is laughing because they genuinely think it’s funny, is much more fun than laughing by yourself, or with someone who just fakes it.  Some things you just cant explain, but laughing…well, that’s just plain funny.

3.  One glance in her direction can tell you anything you ever need to know.  Seriously.  You should try it sometime.  Be it lost in a foreign country surrounded by people you don’t know and cant understand and suddenly…there is that blonde head a few feet away looking just as lost as you are and suddenly you just know.  You’re not alone.  Someone’s got your back, no matter what, and no matter how far away she is.

4.  She’s smart, but not in a rub it in I’m so smart sort of way.  Often I will ask her the stupidest questions, things I should know, but some reason don’t.  And she will answer.  Again and again.  Filling in the blanks in my mind, completing the sentence I couldn’t finish, and correcting the words I misspelled.  Plus she knows just about everything.  Even though she may have told a fib or two in our younger days – I now am smarter for it.  I now know that oatmeal does not come from the pulp mill.  Although I’m still not a fan of it.  Oatmeal or the pulp mill.  Unless your talking about -then that’s funny.  (See point 2)

5.  She just goes with it.  Painting a wall purple?  Sure!  Going to China?  Right away!  Getting married and moving to England?  She’s all over it.  And if she has doubts about it, she doesn’t let on.  She’s all about adventure.

6.  She lets me tag along.  I know, right?  But still.  There are a lot of people that I just don’t like to be around.  I like to have my time, and have to work up to “Hanging out” with someone.  But when it comes to Amanda?  We pick up right where we left off.  No awkward getting to know you moments, no trying to be someone your not.  Simply being.

7.  I feel like I can conquer the world with her.  Some reason when I am with her, I feel like that song “You and me…were invincible…together.”  Anything is possible it seems when I am with her.  I can be stupid, funny, silly, and my not-so-smart self – and she just goes with it.

8.  She’s always up for a good time.  Be it humoring me by posing for pictures, or taking a shopping cart home from the grocery store.  With her, getting butter at the store is just as fun as going on an extended trip to Scotland.

9.  She designs my blog!  Because of this I am free to change my mind on the whim.  Tell her I want a new header and she’s all over it.  She also draws fun little buttons for me to post every so often.

10.  She tells me when something is stupid, and encourages me to do it anyways.  Like blogging.  And photography.  She always tells me when something is good, and when its not she just tells it straight up.

10.5  Shes my sister.  That’s why.  Even though she is practically a million and one miles away.

Even Judah says “Huh? You think yours is better? Think again!”

One thought on “Why my sister is better than yours!

  1. Capn Manda says:

    YAY!! A post to me! Couldnt have said it better myself!!! Joking….well kinda….:) Lol, loved this post!! Makes me all loud and proud it does, thanks for writing it. I think I will have to feel special now, for a long while after this!

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