In Scotland.

Purchase .89p kites from second hand store, Assemble kites in hostel lobby.  Break one, and piece the second one together.  Throw “Extra parts” away.

With one “Pro kite flyer” and two “Amateurs” pretend to know what you are doing.

Find a very windy and cold location.

Watch kite spin in circles before dipping to the ground.  Realize the “extra parts” were actually much needed parts.  Spend ten minutes retying the kite.

Get tangled in string.

Hand the reigns, er, string to someone else then duck as the kite chases you.

In a last attempt – toss the kite to the wind and hope for the best.

Be shocked that it actually flies!  Off the ground!

Spend the next few minutes watching the “Dance of the kite” until the string is so tangled it wont go anywhere.

Throw string and sticks away.

Save the big yellow diamond as a souvenir.

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