Yesterday was one of those crazy, weird, wild and funny kind of days.  The kind that end and you try to tell someone about it and they just look at you like you have lost your mind, because maybe you have, but you just cant stop laughing because well…it was funny!  Then the next day comes and the only one that remembers that it was funny was the one you spent it with.

The best kind of days, Ive come to realize are the ones you cant put to words and you dont have any pictures for because even if you were to take a picture it would be blurry because you were laughing too hard to keep the camera still.  That was yesterday.  A funny mixture of people, and happenings.  With not a single picture.  Just a day spent with my sister, and nephew.

Today was a day with just enough pictures to remind me of what we did.  Which was pretty much nothing.  A chilled out day.  With coffee and cupcakes.  And movies.   With a little bit of reality thrown in for good measure.

Because nothing says fun like eating the left over batter straight from the bowl while drinking coffee from matching cups.

While waiting for these to finish cooking.

And then of course you have the attempt at dying frosting colors that dont turn out.  And frosting with one hand while passing the baby back and forth.  And getting frosting on him.  And sticking a candle in a spare cupcake and taking it to someone who lives in the next room.

It was just one of those days.  That dont really make sense.  And wont be remembered in years to come.  Just one of those days.  That I want to remember.  Even though there wasnt much worth remembering.

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