Not a great photo, but I couldnt resist.  Where Amanda lives there are literally, atleast 20 doors.  Each leading to a different room.  At first I was worried I would walk into someone else’s room.  Thankfully, I havent.  Yet!

Front door is a bit more photogenic.  And I was happy to have Amanda to photograph again 🙂  Plus the added Judah made it all that much cuter!

Since Amanda is now blogging with me, she wanted to take a picture to post as well…

We went down to road to get some pictures of another “Door” I had seen a few days prior.

Doors….That didnt really go anywhere!

Or did they?

Nope.  They were locked.  Oh well.

And now for a short word or two about a door (written by someone other than me):

Correctly guessing if the door is push or pull!
Doors can be trouble.
Strutting in the mall, strolling to the store, you spy those glassy doubles in the distance just waiting for you to size them up and give them a big push or pull.
Sure it looks easy, but we all know it’s nothing but.
Nope, thanks to years of tense negotiations, backroom deals, and political infighting, the International Alliance for Door Design Consistency has reached  a suffocating stalemate in its goal of coming up with one door we can all understand.
So while those corporate bigwigs give each other evil eyes in smoky boardrooms We The People are left figuring it out on the front lines, door by door, day by day.
It sucks when you make the wrong move too.  Pull a push or push a pull and you’re suddenly five years old again with wide eyes, untied laces, and thick booger snaking down your upper lip.
Yes, that’s why swinging  opening a confusing door on the first try  is such a great high. You just saved yourself a horrible second of humiliation and are now coasting  smoothly through life in the fast lane.

5 thoughts on “You Capture: Doors

  1. Love the turquoise doors with the lock.

  2. love the doors, especially the old barn-style one…
    and your quote made me laugh, thanks…

  3. Tonya says:

    I love the green front door. I love all front doors in bold colors in fact, not sure why I just painted mine white. Go figure. Nice pictures!

  4. Teresa says:

    Amazing number of doors in that first shot. I love the lock in the last one.

  5. Love the green door! I think the lock shot is my fav, wonderful post.

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