My sister Chir has given me something special:

Her password and login for this blog.

She even told me I had permission to write a post. What inspired her to do something like that, I may never know.  But well, Chir, I won’t let you down.  😉

Hello World from England!  My name is Amanda, and I am the sister of Christina, also known as ‘’Chir’’ or C.J. the author of this blog.  I am married to David and our son Judah was just born on January 5th, two weeks ago! Yay!! 😀 We live in England; David’s home country, in March I will have been here for one year.  Christina and I skype and yahoo almost every day, and email as much as possible too. (You owe me an email Chir!) One thing we love to do, is write. We’ve loved writing things since we were kids. Then when we were teenagers, we discovered computers and consequently, that typing was an even faster way to write.  Imagine that! Instead of slowly printing out a sentence, now our hands could actually keep up with our minds. (Not that our minds were ever particularly speedy in the first place, but that’s another blog post!)

Anyways, so thanks and a shout out to Chir, for giving me a chance to co-write with her again.

My first post will be on something that is of utmost importance, of course.  I promised Chir that I wouldn’t do anything too embarrassing, like post an hour by hour recount of Judah’s birth…actually I didn’t promise her this, rather I warned her that I might do it.  She promptly forbid me though, so we’ll have a different topic for today.


This is something you can’t ban me from Chir! 😉

When I was a kid, I LOVED me some leggings. Loved them.  I didn’t like jeans, they were bulky and the thick material was rough against my skin, it made me feel heavy when I wore them, like I couldn’t walk. But eventually, over time I grew to like jeans.  They didn’t feel so bad after all I decided.   Soon jeans and I became the best of friends.

Lately tho, I’ve been returning to my childhood love of all things stretchy, in particularly things like pajama bottoms and leggings. Maybe it’s the comfort of having something that fits? That’s always a good thing in my books! Or maybe I’ve just gotten lazy.  I’m not sure, but when my jeans stopped fitting me recently (last month for two of pregnancy with lil Judah!) I thought that jeggings would make a great ”healthy alternative” to the pajamas that I’d been wearing.

When it comes to clothes issues, there are few things more depressing then trying on pair after pair of jeans and finding that somehow you can get none of them to button.  So I brought it up with Chir.

”I’m thinking of going back to leggings” I said, casually one day.

Chir: ”Ummmm like you used to wear when you were eight???”

Me: ”Yeah”

Chir: *slightly concerned* ”WHY!???”

Me: *getting defensive* ”Because!! They are comfy and look like they might look good under… say, a dress or something”

Chir: ”NO. Leggings do not look good on anyone over the age of 3. Ever.”

Me: “Even under a dress??”

Chir: ”Even under a dress.” So that was it, the end of that conversation, however it’s one that’s resurfaced many times since. Every so often I’d get the urge to ‘go legging shopping online.’  I’d look at different leggings and try to talk myself out of buying them…that wouldn’t work, so I’d bring it up again with Chir, who would inform me that leggings were ugly and pointless I’d stop looking at them for awhile then eventually decide I wanted some after all, and the cycle continued.  Soon I discovered something else; that jeggings might be more my style. Christina wasn’t moved.

”Those look like those stretchy denim things you wore as a kid!” she said.

”I KNOW arent they cute?” I’d say. 😀

The best thing about jeggings , is that they fit, no matter what!

If only most people were as forgiving.

It’s sort of a love/hate relationship we have with jeans. Love, because well, there’s nothing like an old pair of jeans that fits you so well.  And you get close to them (pardon the pun) after spending so much time together. I LOVE a good pair of jeans!  It’s just that finding a good pair that actually fits…is tricky.

The thing we hate about jeans, is shopping for them.  Christina and I have always had issues with Jean shopping.  Most of the jeans don’t fit right.  What should be a simple task turns into a complicated search and hunt, complete with math and a little bit of science thrown in too.

”26/31 27/30 26/29….all these numbers…”

“I’m a 28/29….I think? (I really have no idea!) Do you think these will fit? They’re only 2 numbers off…”

The jeans we see in the stores, all have one thing in common: they look as though they were made for a special kind of tall TALL very skinny person.

Holding a pair up against myself, the waist held somewhere between my chest and neck, and with the legs dragging on the floor, we wonder who could possibly fit in such a pair of jeans.  Maybe some kind of alien.  Or a very tall stick figure.  Maybe some celebrity, but only after they’ve been heavily photoshopped!  Priced at around $80.00, I think it’s a valid purchase only if they actually fit -and look nice too; not if I’m going to have to cut four inches of the legs. 🙂  Sadly we’ll leave the store, having not-purchased any jeans.  We will come back again though, just to see if they have any new stock in -they will have to order new sizes in someday.  Like maybe if the alien stick figures go on a huge shopping spree and buy the store out.

Till then we’ll poke around online, looking for jeans and trying to guess what size we are on the size chart things.  It’s tricky business buying jeans online too.  At least you don’t have to try them on though, till they show up in the mail that is.

Yeah.  Jeggings would make life a LOT simpler -especially the one size fits all varieties . I see the truth!

Now, to convince Christina…

Help me decide which leggings to get!  Which ones are better?

#1 ”Jeggings”

#2 ”Corduroy”

#3 ”Flare Leggings”

Or are you too part of the ”no leggings” camp? 🙂

One thought on “Jeggings

  1. CJ says:

    What have I done!!! YAY for co-writing! Funneh post…but I would have to choose option NONE! 😀

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