As you may have noticed, there was a post that appeared about something I would NEVER have written on. Jeggings. To be exact. Before I got a chance to introduce her, my sister posted her first post! She also went ahead and introduced herself, making me excited and unsure at the same time.

You see, a few weeks ago this idea popped into my head “Hey” it said “Wouldn’t it be cool if Amanda wrote on your blog with you?” “YEA!” I replied…and then forgot about it. And remembered it when she was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until a few days ago did I purpose the idea, and she was all over it. Turns out – she WANTS to write with me! I couldn’t be more excited. But um, jeggins? Seriously? All jokes aside, I am seriously PUMPED to be writing with her!

And I think you should be too!

She writes far better than I could ever hope to, and inspires me to keep trying. Even though shes already reached the stars…and Im nowhere close.

I am excited to introduce to you, my sister!

We set her up with her very own log in info, and everything (that way you wont be shocked to see me writing about JEGGINGS. Ahem.) If its written by “Capnmanda” that’s her! And just as an added bonus, she has some pretty sweet ideas about things she wants to do “Around here” so keep watching. I think she mentioned something about hosting a link up, and doing contest with prizes. But I couldn’t be for sure!

Either way – Im excited to share this with her, and hope shes just as excited! YAY for sisters! YAY for co-writing!

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