I was pretty excited to discover that Ive made it two weeks!  Thats a new personal record for me!  Of course, not all of them, ok, hardly ANY of them are that great.  But hey…I got seven photos!

01.14 / Little Duck

01.15 / Sunset Trees

01.16 / This was just the start

01.17 / Bought Judah a vest - A thousand and one cutes!

01.18 / Yucky yuck brr!

01.19 / Sup?

01.20 / Went to a friends house, she made banana bread. Um. Yum?

I would write more, but we have about a foot of snow, and an invitation to go sledding.  WEEEE!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Also, dont forget to check out my sisters post below.  It might be about jeggings, but shes an awesome writer 🙂  Enjoy!

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