Me: Hi, is Pete* there? (After calling a son by his mothers name one too many times, I have taken to asking for the person, even if it is the person I think I am calling for)

Unidentified Person: Yea sure. Just a second.


UP: Can I tell him who this is?

Me: I tell him who I am, and that Im calling with the shop.

UP (muffled yelling): It’s the shop.

{In the background: Is it about the truck?}

UP: Is it about the truck.

Me: *Fearing this will be a long phone call*: Yea, did you just want to let him know its ready to go?

UP (muffled yelling): Yea.

{In the background: Is it done?}

Son: Is it done?

Me: Uh…yea.

UP (muffled yelling): Yea its done.

*Silence and that awkward moment where Im not sure if I have been hung up on, or if they are listening to hear if Im breathing. Taking the safe route I hold my breath.*

UP: You still there?

Me: Yep.

UP (muffled yelling): Yea.

{Undetected voices.}

UP: We will be out to get it in a little.

*End scene*

So…now the question is this: Was the dad A) Busy? B) Training his son to talk on the phone or C) watching tv? Also – is their phone connected to a cord? I didn’t know those still existed!

*Names changed to protect the innocent.

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