When I think of January, the only thing that really comes to mind is Amandas wedding.  And everything that went into that.  So it really surprised me that when I looked back I had actually written other things.  Things that I dont recall writing!  Things about Gumption, and ice skating.  The things you forget!  But I think Amandas wedding still stole the cake.  No puns intended.


Didnt really seem to have too much going for it.  But I did take pictures of the cats – perhaps the only ones I took all year.  Got asked to go to Mexico.  And had a bit more time to reflect on things or people that are important to me.


A month that started out somewhat slow (and with a post that has brought more views than any other, oddly enough) ended with a trip to Mexico and memories that will last forever.


Proved to be a very…random month.  With a post about France, some new favorite pictures, and a top secret from one dog to another!  I also wrote part one “What does it mean to trust in Jesus” a post I often re-read myself.


We added Miss Yoshi to the family.  And apparently, between her and flowers – I didnt write about much else!  Although I did re-post a favorite from 2010 which is a must reread for me before I think about embarking on another trip!


FlowersDogsFlowersFlowersDogs.  And more flowers.  Seriously.  Someone should have told me to STOP with the flowers already!  Its ok.  We didnt get too many more after this.  But this post was kind of funny (and look!  Flowers!)


I dont like lists.  But I made one this month.  Or did I?  Then we went to China.  Where posting wasnt really an option.


After we returned from China, Amanda & David went to Australia then came here for a bit.  YAY!  Little miss grew up right before our eyes.  And I thought about Mexico, not China.  Go figure.  As much time as possibly was spent at the beach, even though we didnt get much summer this year.


If you dont have any clue what that picture is either A) You have never lived, or B) You have never read this post.  Jim Jams have been ruining our lives since September!  I thought about Faith, and Peace ironically enough.  More flowers showed up (guess I wasnt done with them just yet), and dad had his hernia operation which meant he couldnt work and we had to try and help.


…was the calm before the storm.  I dog sat.  Wrote another list.  Finally wrote a post on China, and remembered the “Good ol’ days” that really?  Werent THAT great!  Oh yea, and talked about Yoshi.  Again.


Had absolutely nothing to do with the picture.  Except that I attempted fudge round one and never said anything.  I spent a lot of time thinking about being Thankful, and what it meant.  Yoshi saw her first snow.  Part two of “What does it mean to trust in Jesus” arrived.  And I debated the Laptop vs the Tablet and other fun randomness.  The Laptop won.  In-case you wondered.


I could seriously just say fudge and be done.  I attempted a new FUDGE recipe, failed at another, and finally SUCCESS!  Made cardboard trees before our real tree was up, shopped, wrapped, and packed boxes for relatives.  Wrote a not so popular post about customer service and wished you all a Happy New year.

Or, wait.  I didnt actually do that yet…so…


“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions”

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