Oh….what a morning. Question of the day – Why is there a duck here?
December 31 (2010)

Opps. I forgot. HAPPY NEW YEAR! To everyone.
January 1

Parker, a 5 year old friend of ours, said today that he couldnt WAIT to grow up. Why? “Because then I can grow a beard…and a mustache…that CURLS!!” must be a boy thing.
January 3

Nik and I are getting a divorce. What? Hes a camera.
January 4

Ceiling painting…how I hate thee.
January 10

Needs to retreat to the “Idiot free” zone…oh wait! That doesnt exist!!!!
January 11

FYI – Bike riding in 20 degree weather?? Is cold. Really cold. Just in case you know, you wanted to know.
January 13

Biking in 10 degree weather is also cold. Colder than biking in 20 degree weather, infact.
January 13

Congratulations to my sister and David…tonight is the night!! xXx
January 20

Been an amazing week…
January 23

No more wedding to plan, cake to build, or people to be crazy with…Now what?!
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Its official…David & Amanda are off to Phoenix…watch out world!!
February 15

Off to pick Amanda & David up at the airport – why wasnt my vote to “Let them find their own way home” taken into consideration…?!? 🙂
February 22

Why is it that people sleep as long as they can on week days – but when Saturday rolls around – they feel the need to get up bright and early?
February 26

Going to Mexico the 18th on a Youth Missions trip…
March 3

Its official: U.S -2, England +2 watch out! 🙂
March 10

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith” – Margaret Shephed
March 12

Heading for Mexico tomorrow, any prayers for my group and I would be appreciated. See you all in ten days!
March 17

Home. Home. Home!
March 28

“People are very complex” Said the once wise Captain Obvious
April 2

“Your walk with God does not depend on people, places, things or events.” – Unknown
April 4

Working on my 2-3 minute speech on Mexico for church tomorrow – its harder than it sounds!!
April 9

Tired of staring at the computer – Off to bike to town 🙂
April 9

Mexico debrief went good – sad that its officially over tho!! 😦
April 10

Thankful for the {good} Tuesday.
April 12

“Authentic” Mexican food here is like sushi at McDonalds. Real Mexican food in Mexico – is SO much better!
April 13

Beginning to understand that God doesnt always want what I want – but that I should always want what He wants.
April 18

True sign of age: Bought a present when in CA, brought said present home, forgot about it, asked the person I bought it for if they liked it only to discover – I hadnt mailed it! But now? I cant find it. Anywhere!
April 22

Yay Yoshi’s home!
May 2

Puppy training. Im never going to get any sleep again…am I?
May 4

Ever since getting Yoshi (puppy) Ive been saying the word “No” a lot more frequently…mom told me I need to say “No” and then what I didnt want her to do – there has been a lot of “No biting” “No barking” but tonight I was a home trying to do dinner alone – Yoshi was in the kitchen “Helping” when I noticed she was going to town on the rug at the sink without thinking I gasped and said “Yoshi no! No eating the rug!”
May 4

So – Ive heard of kids “painting murals” in their cribs when they are suppose to be sleeping – but never heard of a puppy doing it in a crate – that is, until tonight!!
May 8

Time for another fav. quote: “Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment.”
May 9

Lets have a vote, shall we? “Puppy training” Yoshi with Jelly beans – good idea or bad idea?
May 16

Sunny day! Yay!
May 19

Another sunny day…YAY! Trying to decide on something to do out in the sun…hmmm….
May 23

Nothing personal, but I pretty much hate PT cruisers today.
May 26

Thinking you forget less when you get older – because you remember less!
June 1

Went to the…garden shop (is that the right name?) with mom and dad – I never have enjoyed flower/plant shopping, but it was really fun today for some reason. Now if we can just keep them alive…
June 4

People feel the need to control others, because they feel they cant control themselves.
June 6

Sad movies are SO lame 😦 I dont like sad movies!! Scary movies are good, but sad movies are just too sad!!
June 9

The East coast sort of…confuses me! Then again, it doesnt take much!
June 10

Happy Birthday to my BEST SISTER, er, well, only sister for that matter!! Mandy Sky See you soon, yes??
June 13

…Thinks that imaginary friends are the best. They are there when you need them, and gone when you dont. They have a like minded opinion on things, and hardly ever get mad at you. They move when you move, and I dont think they have ever talked back, although Im pretty sure they talk – but only when needed. I think more people need to start being an imaginary friend.
June 15

I think my MP3 player finally died 😦
June 18

Today was a long day – but tomorrow is even longer! O.o
June 20

Took the dogs down to the beach – They both got so excited and thought they could fly (or atleast jump the gap between two rocks) and they both ended up face planting at the same time. Estimating a jump is not their strong point!
June 22

I spent 90% of the day on the phone arguing for something – I started at 9 this morning and looked at the clock and it was 3. The bad part is I never did get what I was after. Hate arguing to try and get something that technically is yours to begin with!!! Frustrating.
June 24

Its probably unblieveable how frustrated I get making a pie!!!
June 25

Freaking O.U.T!
June 26

Dear June, Please stop going so fast. Thank you.
June 30

I dont know why my computer thinks its ok to delete my to-do-lists, but it does.
June 30

Its. July. {panic} anyone want to run around like crazy with me?
July 1

An angry, know-it-all customer, pretty much topped my day off. I know the customer is “Always right” but sometimes I want to tell them how “Right” they really are. With a few other words.
July 1

See you all in two weeks 🙂
July 11

SO happy to be HOME! After flying for 11 hours, there is no place quite like home!
July 26

Judging by the random pictures I have shown up in – I am hardly impressed. Also? I have no idea what I am looking at in 1/2 the pictures that were taken – anything but the camera it would seem!
July 29

The dog is CRAZY. Guess she learned from the best!
August 3

I dont think its bad to have conversations with myself – I think its bad when I answer back, and have a different opinion!!

Finished watching the ring part 1. Then got 1/2 way into part 2 and had to walk home – The movies werent that bad – was the walking home alone, in the dark that got to me! X.x
August 8

This afternoon a customer came in – over the course of a conversation he mentioned he was 70 years old…he didnt look older than 40. I thought I had a few more years before I started thinking that older people looked young!!
August 9

Today, I feel, is going to be one of those days where I apologize to all of our customers for “MAKING” their bills so high. “Im sorry you wanted this work done!”
August 12

Yoshi’s “Training treats” have varied over the past months – Jelly beans, gummy candies, and other sweets were her favorites until she discovered grass – dog will do anything for a blade of grass!
August 12

Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee days left!!!!!
August 13

Everyone thinks they are right and someone else is wrong. So why not just say we are all wrong – so atleast then we will all be right!
August 15

I dont know why I enjoy torturing myself with scary movies in the dark – I guess I must think its fun or something!!!
August 15

Amanda and David will be here in…an hour! 😀 😀
August 16

Ice cream flavored pop tarts! Yummy!!
August 18

Went on a canoe ride with Amanda and David today – and we didnt even flip! YAY us!
August 21

Wasnt rainy today so we took advantage of it…rode our bikes home from town…weeeeeeee!
August 24

Tomorrow is a new day; but today was new once too.
September 5

Cleaned the freezer out today; by the time I was done, it looked like I had murdered Frosty!
September 9

Spent the day in town with Amanda, talking and getting mad at random people, and buying matching pjs – YAY for sunny days!!
September 12

I wish everyday could be as good as today was. But I guess if they were, today wouldnt have been as good as it was, and today would have just been another great day.
September 12

15 years ago I got in trouble in a kids group thanks to a certain boy who wouldnt leave me alone. Today – said boy called with car troubles. I was less than helpful. Shoulda thought about that when you were 4 years old, buddy!
September 14

Yoshi thinks she knows what it means to “Shake hands” so funny.
September 23

One day…looking back you will either laugh at the memory, or you simply wont remember at all. I hope I can laugh, because I want to remember everything about these past few months. Miss you already, Capn!
September 26

Apparently, according to two guys at the grocery store this morning “Girl talk” is when you abbreviate words in text messaging. ttyl – is known as “Girl talk” and is not something to be understood by “Us men.”
September 27

Well….there went my motivation. Atleast it was just motivation to do nothing – so no harm done 🙂
September 28

I hate when I think of a response to something…a year later! Talk about delayed responses!
October 5

1am wake up – The cat tries (unsuccessfully) to jump over the board that I have to keep the dogs in the room – a loud crash followed by three barking dogs.
2am wake up – THERES A CAT OVER THERE!
3am wake up – CATS IN THE ATTIC!
4am – Time to leap off the bed and start a wrestling match with the (finally) sleeping dog
6am – Seriously. TIME to GET up!
7am – LETS GO!
8am – 9pm – Loud snores heard from the “Innocent”
October 7

Trying not to be overwhelmed at what the week holds. And doesnt.
October 9

AWANA starts tonight – lets see how many names I can still remember:)
October 12

Last week the printer and I printed 214 “Fall Specials”, folded, stamped, labeled and mailed them all out. Now just waiting for the craziness that comes from such craziness! (oh yea, and thanks to ‘Manda for your help – couldnt have done it without you!)
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There’s no worse feeling than that millisecond you’re sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far.
October 13

Crazy day today – didnt help that I kept running around looking for things that didnt exist, thinking I had done things I hadnt, and then not remembering that I had already done something else! Gah! Im not THAT old, am I?!
October 19

Suddenly…I find my keyboard very interesting, and somewhat funny.
October 20

Sometimes times Im tempted to wish that everyday were as fun and happy as today; but then I have to remember that if they were, they would just be ordinary days.
October 22

My mind works like lightening, one brilliant flash and its gone.
October 24

What this world needs is more cookie breaks! And with that…Im off for my cookie break!
October 24

Happy Pumpkin Day!!
October 31

Feel like a lame person working on Christmas stuff already. But with the “Family gift list” that multiplies every year, a head start was necessary – Where a few years ago family members might have been treated to a bag of jelly beans each, this year they will be lucky to get 1/2 a jelly bean. Per family. Yikes.
November 4

“You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”
November 11

Gah! Trying to pick new colors for my bedroom – but I cant decide, and so far the outcome will be stuck somewhere between a clowns dressing room, and a three year olds play house. Save me from the colors!!!
November 12

Trying to think of one good thing today…Hey, Im trying!!
November 14

To all my “Sim Social” friends: Im sorry if you stopped by (or my sim stopped by!) and was…um…under-dressed. Not sure WHAT got into her, but she decided to run around in nothing but a Halloween mask, and I have yet to figure out how to fix it! I guess thats what happens when games are left to themselves for a few days! Woopsies.
November 14 (this was the day I gave up facebook games!)

One thing I dont understand is why people think its ok to play the “Name your own price” game after saying ok to an estimate. I wonder if these same people go to the grocery store and demand to get their groceries for 1/2 price. Maybe I should try that…Think it would work?
November 15

So…turned the water on this afternoon, and nothing came out! After a few checks I called to get some answers – after about five tries someone answered, only to tell me that she has been getting calls ALL DAY and that she doesnt know. Call someone else. Um. Ok, like who?
November 16

“When they discover the center of the universe a lot of people will be disappointed to find they arent it”
November 17

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone – 🙂
November 24

I have never been good at making pie – especially the crust. Today was no exception – When I attempted to “Make dough into a ball” I wondered how you were suppose to get flour to turn into a ball. I guess thats what happens when you forget over 1/2 the shortening! Ah well, now I know the answer the question I never asked!!
November 24

I had that song “Silver Bells” stuck in my head last night when I was trying to sleep. Nothing worse than listening to an old guy sing “Hear them Ring. Ding-a-ling” when your trying to catch a few zz’s.
November 26

Anyone want to buy a nutcracker (or 12)?
November 27

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Its beginning to look a lot like Chirstmaaaaaaaaas ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
November 30

Just got done writing on the back of 100 Christmas card pictures **Hand cramp** I wish I could write with both hands, would make this time of year easier!
December 2

Tomorrow: Wrap presents. Going to look like Santa’s workshop blew up in here Im afraid. And not in a good way. Atleast I dont have the polka dots to worry about this year!
December 5

I dont know what I was going for – but I do know that was NOT it. Kitchen FAIL!
December 8

“I usually try to remain calm….until its time to not remain calm anymore!”
December 11

Picked up our coffee beans yesterday – something seemed really wrong with them…after making two pots I called the coffee place and he said “Its possible you got decaf” Well that wouldnt exactly be COFFEE but explains a lot!
December 15

I pretty much suck at anything music related – so why did I think it would be “OH SO FUN!” to do hand bells? Someone there said it best I think “Am I suppose to really play four bells with two hands?” The answer? Yes.
December 19

Is weird normal, or is normal weird?
December 30

Nothing like ringing in the new year with pots and pans! Happy New year everyone!
December 31 (2011)

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