…and you all have to promise not to hate me for sharing this.  Ok?

I made fudge.

And it was seriously the easiest thing I have ever done.  Even easier than last years (or the year before?).  Three ingredients.  No butter!  Score!  Ok, so, a few days ago I was contemplating if I could combine two recipes – turns out?  You can!  Ok, so heres how it works:

I sort of combined this one, with this one, and came up with:

Pure.  Yumminess.  Yes, that IS a word (atleast now it is.)

So.  For Christmas this year, we are planning to send “Fudge” out to the relatives.  Normally we go to a local candy store and get a whole big bag of this stuff.  Its buy one pound, get one free.  So we load up, divide it up into many many boxes then ship it off to numerous relatives.  This year we decided to make it.  But I didnt want to buy sooo many ingredients this year (with the price of butter and what not.)

Then I remembered this one I had found and had been drooling over for quite some time.  And decided to morph them.  WALA!  Fudge!  YUMMY!

  • 3.5 cups white chocolate chips
  • 1 can sweet and condensed milk
  • 3 teaspoons peppermint extract – not mint!
  • 2 or 3 candy canes

Thats it!  The hardest part was trying to get those three items together at the same time.  Because the small bags of white chocolate chips only have 2.5 cups in them.  And none of the stores had peppermint extract.  And sweet and condensed milk isnt something we keep on hand.

  • Melt chocolate in the milk – either microwave or stove works (stir so it doesnt burn!)
  • Add your peppermint!

Then because its Christmas and all I had to change it up – I added crushed candy canes (although Im not sure why they call it “Crushed” because it was more like – chopping with a knife attempting not to chop my finger off in the process!)  Then I got a little bit sprinkle happy, and added a bunch of red and green little sprinkles.

  • line pan with foil
  • Pour more sprinkles on top if you want – or more candy cane!
  • pour fudge in
  • refrigerate, freeze, stick outside in the cold – whatever.  Just get it somewhere cold!

Then when its done hardening, pull the foil out, peel it back, and cut!  Then make sure you have plenty of people to share it with because this stuff is seriously…not good for you.  Even though its SO good!


I dont know why – but for some reason, mine started to melt a little and was getting some red / green running around.  Next time I dont know if I will add the sprinkles to the mix next time – maybe just put them on top!

Edit: Because of the melting issue, I think we are going to go with the tried and true “More than three ingredients” recipe from last year for our boxes heading south.

2 thoughts on “I have a secret…

  1. They look so great! I have a similar adaptation of my funfetti fudge that uses crushed candy cane that I’m going to be posting soon!

    1. CJ says:

      Cool! Cant wait to see it 🙂

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