This past week has been sort of a mishmash of events.  Its been almost comical, but in a not so funny sort of way.  When I was thinking over this past week, I kept having random you tubes pop into my mind to explain certain situations.  I thought about writing a list out – but forgot, and in turn, forgot what they were!

So heres a recap of the week.  With or without, you tube!

First up: “The Tablet”:

Now, I realize its name is not “The Tablet” but its turned into somewhat of a cliche.  I want a laptop, but everyone I tell – advises me to get a tablet.  Finally, yesterday I caved.  No, I didnt get one, I went off like a researching fool and came up with a list of pros and cons.  Then I talked to various people, got input – and the bottom line?  I dont want a tablet!

Tip 1 – Came from a friend who asked what I wanted in a computer – Basically I want what I have now, in a mini version.  Then I brought up the issues with “The Tablet.”  Number one being – wheres the keyboard?  Oh!  They tell me!  You dont NEED a keyboard!  Great.  So basically I will be a walking around with a giant iphone trying to look all cool without a keyboard.  Um.  No.

Tip 2 – Get a keyboard!  And a stand!  And a mouse!  And basically you will have your computer (in a mini) with twice as much to haul around!  Or I have an idea!  How about I just haul my desk top with me!   Or even better…get a roll up keyboard.  Perfect!  “Hi…dont mind me, this is my keyboard.  Ima type on it!” Forgetting the fact that um, the last time I ran around “Typing” on my keyboard without a computer attached – was when I was ten?

Bottom line?  No Tablet for me.  No offense to the makers of, or lovers of “The Tablet.”

Second item on the agenda: Stuart!

If you have no idea what this image is, or arent prone to bursting into fits of laughter at the mention of the name “Stuart” than you have either never lived, or dont have limitless amounts of time to waste.  Im guessing its the latter.  You also?  Will have no idea what the meaning of “Scootch Mabootch” means.  Also?  You suck.  Just kidding.  Mostly.

Thirdly: Subway Commercial

Need I say more?  It sort of goes along with my “I feel like a kid trapped in an ‘grown ups’ body” theory.  And also?  Subway?  Yum.

Fourth: FUDGE!!


1.   +  2.   = ??

Its like algerbra.  Math.  I suck at it.  If I use (1) recipe, to make (2) fudge – what do you think will happen?  I mean, what if I substitute the “vanilla and almond” for peppermint?  Will it have the same effect?  Or will it taste like something nasty?  Cant have nasty fudge.  That just isnt aloud!  “Why not just use (2) recipe if thats what you are going for?”  You might ask.  What a wonderful question!  Because.  I dont have all those ingredients, and dont feel like using butter on this.  Not this early in the season!

And last but not least: We have these lovely gems

Tree.  I think we all know what that is.

Sorry, but this image just cracked me up.  Plus its fitting.  After the tree and all.  But more on that later.

There you have it.  A peek into my mind this week.  Arent you glad you asked?

*None of the images are mine and are linked to their sources

2 thoughts on “A recap – internet style

  1. Bumole says:

    You are SO wrong about tablet computing. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! On screen keyboards are pretty good when you get used to them!

    1. CJ says:

      At first I thought you were the REAL Bumole! LMAO! Cant fool me! And you would know? About Tablets? Should be givin’ them your vote till you’ve tried em!!!

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