I hate lists. I detest. I despise. I absolutely do NOT like lists. Many times, many people have told me to start a list. Do a list. Write things down. Something. Anything. Get a calendar. A schedule! A day planner!! But each and every time I glare, angrily at them, and mutter something about not being old enough or important or busy enough to need such an item.

And then I forget something important. Or my mind starts to go wild, and I run in circles accomplishing absolutely NOTHING before I cave and write a little list.

And then I forget all about the things I needed to do, because once they are on the list – they are out of my mind, and accomplished, right? Uh, no. Not so much.

When we were younger, my sister and I had a list. It was a pretty little list with flowers, and doodles and cute little pieces of stickers to put in the slots beside the item. I think we spent more time on the list than we did the items on the list. It was a list of things that needed to be done each week at the house. And each week we would pick a few items on the list and accomplish it, before putting the little sicker in the box beside the item. Something about seeing that list, all completed, was more satisfactory than a clean house.

But that was the only list I ever remember having, and actually liking.

Lately, however, I have had a number of lists going, all at the same time.

We leave in…11 days. Yes count it, 11 days.

We have a trip planned to China. Where we will meet up with David and Amanda.

It sounds almost like a dream, typing it out, and reading it. But it is more than a dream, it is actually part nightmare.

You see – I have so many many MANY things to prepare for these two weeks. The shop, the bills, the office, the animals, the customers, the people, the things, the STUFF! Oh my, the STUFF. You would be surprised.

The shop alone has been hard enough to get ready. I mean, there are the bills for the shop that need to be paid in advance. The customers that need to be taken care of before we leave, and the appointments to be scheduled for when we return. Then there are the animals. The chickens. The cats. The dogs. Each with their own list of things. Animal watchers, shots, food, water. People to watch them. And then, there is the cleaning, because you cant have someone come over to watch the cats when the house is absolutely TRASHED because, hello? Ive been busy PREPARING!!!

That’s not even to mention – we are going on a trip – outside of the country. There are oh so many things that need to be done to prepare US! Ontop of the visas, and tickets there are things that I havent even considered yet. And last night, I got to thinking about them, and had myself a little moment of panic.

I am, going to be, responsible…for taking my parents, to china.

I mean, yea. Ok. Sounds great. But this involves a very long plane ride, where we will land in a country that speaks no English (duh, right?) and I will somehow have to navigate through customs to either a connecting flight, or a train station. All while – keep in mind – knowing absolutely no Chinese.

My list contains random information. They are lists that have been kept in my computer (for not so safe keeping) for easy access and changes. Things have gone on and come off the list so much that I cant even keep up with it anymore.

When I first jumped onboard with this whole “Were going to China!” plan, we were going to be meeting up with David and Amanda in the same airport. Meaning I would only be responsible for navigating American/English airports. But things have changed, and now we are flying into separate places (towns? Cities? I don’t know??) and going to fly or train into the same general location, meaning I am somehow going to have to get us there.

And now, nestled between “pay bills” and “Locate rabies vaccination certificates (for the dogs, btw)” I have “Learn Chinese” because something tells me Im going to need it.

Wish me luck.

My lists and I are going to need it.

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