I was kind of excited about this weeks theme.  And took full advantage of the sunny and warm day to take the dogs to the beach and get some “Water” shots.  I was expecting more from later on in the week.

You can ignore the horizon, k?  It kind of makes me mad to look at it!!

I like to think shes giving her water safety tips – but I kind of think she was telling her to get out of the way – if anything.

Yes.  Yes she was blowing bubbles in the water.

Oh.  Um.  Cute.  Except for, you know the horizon?  Feel free to overlook that too.  Yes its cute, even though she was eating seaweed while totally ignoring me!

{Insert more awesome water shots from the beach here – except, oh wait!}

It rained instead.

The rest of the week.

So I had to settle on raindrops instead of waves, and ocean shots.

One thought on “You Capture: Water

  1. Colleen says:

    Love your puppies… so cute!

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