Saturday we went out the plant nursery and ended up getting some flowers.

Sunday, I planted a few of them in a little flower bed we have at the shop, under the sign.

Of course, it needed a lot of help before things could actually be planted.  It’s a great way to release anger and frustration if you wanted to know.

This is what it looked like a few minutes into stabbing and digging:

Then I got to a big root that probably belonged to the tree in the background.  But it was in my way, so I decided to try and rip it out.  It wouldn’t budge (duh).  As I was pulling, Yoshi came to see what I was doing, seeing that I was partaking in her favorite game, she decided to give a go.  She tugged and tugged while I laughed and took her picture.

Gardening with a cute dog is completely optional.

Despite our best efforts – the root still remains.

I loosened the old dirt, weeded the place out, and rearranged some rocks around it.  Yoshi was all about helping, wanting to dig with me, pull the weeds, and chase the rocks.  She was a great help, even if she got in the way!!

Ready to plant!

I have a brown thumb, and have no idea whatsoever these plants or flowers are even called.  I mean, they had names, but their names meant nothing to me.

These made me laugh when I saw them, and I figured we could all use a smile once and a while.

I suppose I did it all wrong – shopping by what I thought was funny, or would make good photos, not by what would thrive!  Oh well, we will see!!

No sooner had I finished planting them did Yoshi come over to help me “Finish things off.”  Unfortunately she didn’t get the memo that those were SUPPOSED to be there, and she ripped a good stem off of one of them.  I think she was really confused when I got mad at her.  She was just helping!!!

Now I just need to remember to water them, every once and a great while!

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