You remember this little pup?  The one who wasn’t going to get any bigger?  The one that was just a cute little itty ball of fur that loved to snuggle and couldn’t climb the stairs and was going to be the perfect traveling dog?

Yea.  Her.

She doubled her weight.  She now weighs 20 (plus?) pounds.  She outgrew her collar.  Has learned how to climb up stairs, and down them too – as opposed to just falling down them.  Shes become a little terror on four legs, and has a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Shes settled into our lives and I can hardly remember before she was here.  Except that I can.  Because I didn’t get waken up at 6 30 in the morning to hear her howling.  Or crying when I put her to bed.  Shes grown used to her crate, although she still detests it, and pretty much makes you feel like the worse person in the world when you put her in it.

The shredded paper - dont be fooled - was from Yoshi herself

That dog is a smart one she is.  They say labs are smart, and you can really see the smarts in her eyes.  Something a lot of our dogs seemed to miss out on.  When smarts were being handed out – our 10 plus past dogs were in line for food.  But yoshi?  She was the first in line.  Jumping all around begging, for smarts.  That dog is clever too.

When we stopped at home to put her in her crate the other day, I opened the back door to let her out of the car.  She wouldn’t move.  She stayed on her seat.  Giving me the saddest, most sweet puppy dog eyes she could muster – and she ALMOST succeeded in what she was going for.  Those eyes, man, they give a whole new meaning to puppy dog eyes.  When I carry her to her crate, and she knows whats happening she wiggles, and squirms and whines a little…and of course, she turns into the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.  Snuggling, and kissing you like you were the best thing since bananas – yes – she loves bananas.

Being me is tiring

She runs like the wind, and is almost potty trained.  That smart little thing.  She knows now that if she runs to the door – shes guaranteed a walk.  Or atleast some fresh air.  Which she also loves.  So now it’s a guessing game.  Does Yoshi REALLY have to go potty?  Or does she just want outside?  She usually wins, however.  Were still working on the word “Come” although she knows what it means – she doesn’t always listen.  Or follow through.

She understands “No” and she knows her name – she absolutely LOVES people to talk about her.  Although she still isn’t sure if she likes people fully.  Shes a little…gun shy.  Thanks to Slim.  Who absolutely HATES most people.

The first time Yoshi heard David

She watches TV and stares at people who have an accent – the first time she heard David on the computer she stared at the computer for a few minutes – confused to what this sound could possibly be.

But love?  This dog loves everything.  She loves you.  She loves bananas.  She loves tomatoes and broccoli.  She loves strawberries.  She loves muffins.  She loves toys.  She loves balls.  She loves fresh air.  She loves life.  But she really REALLY loves Slim.

Yea I think I might love Slim

This morning she came upstairs at 7 (no I wasn’t happy) and she pounced on Slim (who didn’t appear to be happy either).  She doesn’t walk, she runs.  She doesn’t jump she pounces.  And it has got to be the cutest thing you have ever seen.  Her run and then the front leg pounce.  She still is a daredevil.  Loves chasing the kitties, and snuggling with Slim.

Yea, I pretty much love Slim all the way

Infact, shes almost like a mini-Slim.  In a different color, of course.

2 thoughts on “Yoshi Bear

  1. A Manda says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! What a cool post, that was the most fun dog post ever! I can’t believe that I’m the only comment on here. So funny and she loves Slim lots, aww thats sooo cute. 😀 I can totally picture it Yoshi all excited ”HEY SLIM” and Slim like ”ok fine” in her dopey way. Cant wait to meet you Yoshi in like less than 2 months! Hopefully she wont be all ”growed up” by then, but I might miss out on the potty training, hmmm that works out quite nicely.

    1. CJ says:

      Your not the only one commenting now!!!! And yes that worked out quite nicely for sure, next time I think we will do it…the other way around?

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