Dear World –

Today is my 45th day of existing.  I am finding new things EVERY day.  So much to see and do, and so much trouble fun to be had!  I can hardly contain myself at times.  Today I learned just HOW MUCH fun it was to be outside – now?  I want to be out there ALL day time!  Forget naps!  Who needs naps?  Not me!  Im too big for those.  Those were SO yesterday!

My people are trying to teach me these crazy things – like how to tell them when I need to go outside to do my stuff…Im like “Hello, people!  I gotta go.  Like NOW!  PRONTO!”  It always gets a reaction.  I don’t mind going outside, except when its raining.  And wet.  Then I don’t like to be out there.  Its wet, hello!

My people cant figure out why I was so hyper today – I say hello people, Im a puppy!  I like to Run!  And Play!  And go! Go! Go! Go! Dog! Go!

I love sticks, and toys, and running and playing, and other doggies, especially my best pal Slim…but what I really like?  Is this cord.  It runs across the floor – and its always guaranteed to get a reaction from my people.  They call it the internet cord…whatever THAT means…but it always gets them running with me – and I LOVE to run!  From one side to the other, and back and again!  Faster!  Further!  Go! Dog! Go!

There are so many new things that I find daily –

Things that you guys NEVER told me about!  Come on, whats up with that?!  I love little balls – oh my!  Balls = running, chasing, FASTER!  I can hardly think about balls without going absolutely CRAZY! Over them.  I just love me some balls…especially those little ones.  Those are the bomb!

I love things I shouldn’t have, and being places I shouldn’t be – because it always means my people will go after me (run! People! Run!).

There are all SORTS of things outside that I just LOVE to play with too!  Sticks!  Oh sticks!  I don’t mind if they are still attached to the trees – makes it more fun anyways.

And flowers?  And pokey things?  Rocks?  Dirt?  Mud?  Space?  I think outside might be my favorite place!  Why didn’t anyone tell me about the outdoors – and why don’t my people want to be out there chasing me up and down the driveway yelling “No!  Yoshi!  No!” all day?  I find it to be GREAT fun!

Well Ive got more places to be – just wanted to let you all know about these new things I discovered and how YOU can have a little fun too!


~ Yoshi

One thought on “Yoshi Diary: Day 45

  1. A Manda says:

    These are the cutest pictures! Love them!! And really professional these ones too. 😀 Well, as ”professional” as a puppy can be in pictures I guess….but the photographer was professional! Really awesome!!

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