Alternatively titled: Puppy Daze

(I wrote this for our business blog – and decided to just post it here too)

May 5, 2011
As some of you already know, we got a puppy.

Of course the obvious questions are circling around

“Why would you get a puppy?” Followed by:

“I thought you said no more dogs” and close after is:

“Hey…does this mean your accepting free dogs now….I have a second cousin, third removed who has a hundred and one CUTE little puppies I will send your way” Ok, so maybe not the last one, but let me just clarify, that no – we are NOT accepting free dogs at this time.

As far as why we got the puppy? At the moment Im not entirely sure we had a reason! It just seemed logical. Obviously its been a while since weve had a puppy!
Come to think of it – Slim was the last “Puppy” weve had. Well, the ONLY puppy we had – and she is already pushing…12!! She wasn’t really a puppy when we got her – she was already ½ grown. So it you do the math – Amanda and I were both fairly young when we last had a “Puppy.”
Thinking about a puppy – and actually getting a puppy are two separate things.
When we first laid eyes on her – she was a little bitty thing and we melted just a little. All we saw was a sweet little puppy. Needless to say – we filed the adoption papers, and adopted ourselves what is supposed to be a “Toy lab” – named, Yoshi!
Welcome to “The shop” – Yoshi!
Now – heres the thing.
When we first “Adopted” her – she was living at the “dog place” with her mom and sister. She was a nice, cuddly sweet little yellow ball. A few weeks later when we went to visit – she had grown – and nearly DOUBLED her size! Mom and I were somewhat worried – I think I was more worried than mom. I have always been on the “No more dogs” ban wagon. One dog was enough for me! But seeing Yoshi, well, something in me seemed to say “We need her.” But whatever the reasoning (or lack there of) we have a puppy. A ten week old puppy.
Ten weeks.
That means a lot of things. For those of you completely unaware of what this means (considering I apparently forgot a lot!):
Puppies have sharp teeth:
Scratch that. They have razors. Not teeth. This means they are capable of snipping through wires in mere seconds. Yesterday morning I was less than impressed when my internet wouldn’t work…come to find out in a rush of excitement, Yoshi had snipped my connection to the outside world. I would have probably been more upset – had I not been so tired from the night before. Which brings me to point two.
Puppies don’t value sleep at night:
The first night Yoshi was home – she was making noises that I can only describe as “Yodeling.” The lady had told us that Yoshi was crate trained. She warned us however: “Put her in there and she will make a little noise at first – ok she will make a lot of noise – but just ignore her and she will quiet down” A lot of noise was somewhat of an under-statement. And have you ever tried to ignore a screaming dog? Its not really possible!! She eventually calmed down. But was back up again a few hours later – yodeling. At 5am. Thankfully last night she slept through the night. With little noise.
Puppies have no fear:
Or atleast Yoshi doesn’t. The thing is, Yoshi looks to Slim for what to do next. Slim can do no wrong in Yoshi’s eyes. This isn’t always a good thing however, considering Slim doesn’t have the BEST of manners in all areas. And Yoshi? Is not afraid to try every stunt Slim tries – its just that Yoshi is still tiny – and Slim, well, is not! I think Yoshi’s motto goes something like “If Slim can do it so can I!” and with one leap, Yoshi is off – attempting some neck breaking stunt that Slim does with ease (such as climbing stairs!)
Puppies are sweet:
Yes, even with all the accidents, puppy training, keeping you up at night stunts – Yoshi manages to slip in a few “Sweets” here and there. Last night after we came inside, she was cold – and tired. Instead of going to sleep in her crate (yea right!) she snuggled up on me, resting her head on my shoulder. Of course, not ten minutes later she was up chasing the cats around the house like there was no tomorrow.
She loves her new pal Slim, and Slim thinks shes pretty ok too (as long as she chews her bones, and not Slims paws!)
As I type this Yoshi is asleep at the wheel, snuggled up on my lap – tuckered out from a hard day at work play. And so – I leave you our fifth point on puppies: “Im sorry I couldnt order your parts – you see, its Yoshi’s fault.” Of course no one could be mad at that sweet little face, now could they?
Puppies – They make great excuses!
We {heart} you Yoshi!

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