You Capture: Warm

This weeks “You Capture” is warm.

Since it is not very warm outside – I thought I would introduce you to something else…warm.  Or, version of warm.  He’s actually on the “Hot” side.  No…that is NOT what I mean.

Does it get any better than a {hot} pink monkey?

What about a {hot} pink monkey with a {warm} note?

A {hot} pink monkey with a {warm} heart that holds a {warm} note?

Ok, that last one didnt seem so fitting.  I wont blame you if you disagree with that one.

Monkey is sorry.  He offers a {warm} hug…

You will just have to trust me – he was really trying to give a hug there.  He has super long arms that wrap all the way around your neck.

Also?  Its bad that I noticed I am dressed in the same color as monkey.

Im not too sure why I just told you that.

Back on track – Monkey says he will keep my coffee {warm}.  And yours too.  If you want some.

Monkey needs a name – any ideas?

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