{This was written yesterday – but I didnt have time to read it first until now!!}

This afternoon was Amandas bridal shower.  I was a little nervous, taking Nik out on his first, real, well, actual shoot.  One that other people would be involved with, and at, and watching, etc.  Plus, you know, Nik was a little bashful, going to a ladies event and all.

I don’t like…taking pictures when there are a lot of people, plus I was worried about blinding people – because Nik is notorious for blinding people.  His first attempt was mom and Amanda – and well – lets just say – it didn’t turn out.  He was on manual, and I didn’t know that – so it was blurry.  And I was frustrated with him!!

I turned the dial back to automatic and figured I would just go with that.  But FORCED myself to figure out what was wrong, and hey, it was very simple fix!

The other pictures I took didn’t turn out QUITE as well – because the lighting was really bad, and I didn’t want to use my flash – and blind people.  Or interrupt them, with you know, a flash.  Plus I didn’t really want people to KNOW I was taking pictures and a flash kind of gives that away.  So Nik and I took a few pictures – here and there – and after people left I got a little more comfortable taking some random shots, of, um, flowers!!  I know!  But I LOVE flower pictures and couldn’t pass them up!

So here are some shots from the shower –

Not the best, but I was proud of myself…for sticking it out with a different setting, even though, in all reality, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal.

Amanda and her  friend who flew all the way to China!  They have been penpals (emailpals?) since they were about 12…and this was their first time meeting in person!  As you can see – Nik was blurring just about everything!

Serving cake…Nik still blurring, and tossed in some redness just for fun…arg!

Amanda and her scone.  It was an “English” theme.

Most of the group…I was pretty happy with the coloring/lighting in this one, but realized it was a bit…cluttered…with people!!

This picture, I thought turned out really good.  We babysat this girl and her younger siblings a little while back – and she is also Amandas future flower girl!  She was is so sweet.

Ok…now, Nik, what is what the red tint??  Seriously?  Drop it!!

Time to bring out the big flash!  Notice they were looking AWAY – Nik was, er, flashing and blinding people.  But atleast he did away with the red.  That was annoying!

And the flowers…you thought I forgot, didnt you?

So that was today yesterday!  The countdown is on.

Tomorrow Today?  Dan and David come in.

Monday is going to be busy with vet appointments, court appointments, and misc preparations.

Tuesday is (most likely) the rehearsal.

Wednesday papa comes to town, if the rehearsal wasnt Tuesday, it will be this day, AWANA, and decorating.

Thursday is…the day!

So thats the week in a nut shell.  See you on the flip side (I hope!)

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