Today was so busy!  So very very VERY busy.  Started out at 6am.  Because we had to take our dog to the vet – she had an early morning appointment to get her teeth cleaned, and also to check her foot out – that still doesn’t seem to be healing.  So we were up and at it early EARLY this morning.

When we got home, I had time for a quick shower before the phone started to ring.  Amanda was still in bed.

The first few phone calls were routine.  Then the vets called and said they had the dog under.  And that after looking closer at her foot – he was pretty sure she had cancer.  Which, ok.  All of our dogs have died from cancer.  Sad, yes.  But ok.  He amputated her toe (cancer of the toe?  Never heard of that.) and wanted to keep her over night.

Then I checked the email.  Amandas friend from China has been planning to come for her wedding, but wasn’t sure when she would have enough money.  Today – she got her tickets.  She will be here in…less than two days = INSTANT panic!

Then another phone call – our friends were planning to go ice skating – if we wanted to join.  Which, we had been planning to do since…well, yesterday.

Which meant after all this – I had to wake Amanda up.  And tell her.  And inform her.  Of everything from toe cancer to ice skating.

And then things really took off.  Because Amanda needed to shower, and we needed to find ice skates, and someone had to stay by the phone and and and and and AND AND!

But then we couldn’t find ice skates – and opt for roller blades instead.

Dad took us by every second hand store we have and we found nothing.  He dropped us off at the lake and went to pick up a customers car.

We rollerbladed/ice skated for a while, tried on some skates, melted some ice, slipped and slid and got chased with a hucky puck.  Was great fun.

Mom picked us up and we headed home.  To…

Paint.  And paint.  And paint.  And paint some more.

Painting the upstairs walls with primer then running downstairs to primer.  Upstairs to paint, then downstairs to paint.  Paint ceilings, walls, floor boards, and then…


Awana was tonight.  Hurry and get ready.  In my hurry to get the roller cover off the paint roller I peeled my thumb nail back from the nail bed…talk about ouch!

Then off to the store – to get a quick dinner because by this time we havent eaten anything all day.

Then coffee – because the intake has been low.  Very low.  So very low.  Too low to be legal.

Then to Awana and back home.

For more painting.  And cleaning.  And freaking.  And…and…and…

And tomorrow?  We get to do it all over again.

Im afraid I wont be participating in the photo link ups this week.  Lots of chaos and fun…but not enough time right now.  I will be around.  Just in pieces 🙂

I was proud of myself, if I might be, for shooting in aperture mode today, and coming up with what I was attempting to get:

But I shouldnt sit too long…Im about ready to fall asleep…and its only….9 30.

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3 thoughts on “All in a day

  1. Colleen says:

    That’s a great shot!

    Sounds like a crazy busy day, but in a good way. Any day that includes roller skating on ice has to be good. 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    Sounds like a busy day. Sorry about your doggy. Gorgeous photo!

  3. julie says:

    love that shot!!! poor doggy :(.

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