I was just messing around with some of the pictures I took the other day, and kind of liked how this one turned out.




I dont know, I thought it was kind of cute.

As a side note, I am so NOT ready for Christmas, is it just me, or does the end of the year seem so LONG away, but the first of the year seems so close?  That doesnt even make much sense!

Amandas wedding is coming up quick, and as a result I have been TRYING to apply myself to all things photography, but that isnt going so good.  Right now Im just drooling over photo sites, wishing I could do those techniques, and such.  Thankfully, someone we know, who I wrote about here, who is also into photography, will be hanging out with her camera too!  But still, the pressure!

Last night my kitty was acting weird.  I was worried at first that he might have gotten poisoned somehow.  He just felt really…weak.  And limp.  And he wouldnt purr.  His little nose was cold too.  I warmed him up, and this morning he was sitting in the heater room – right where the heat blows from the furnace.  He still wouldnt purr, and didnt look real happy.  So Im hoping he was/is just cold.  Poor thing.

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