This past week has been so full!!  It seems that after a lull, everyone is calling us back to do some babysitting.  Which isnt a bad thing, its kind of fun.

About two weeks or so ago we watched three little boys.  A few days later we watched three other kids.  Saturday night we watched the same three little boys again, and today we had two little brothers and Parker…!

We decided to make Christmas cookies, seeings that we havent done that yet…

The only problem was Parker isnt really used to sharing.  Hes an only child, and while he goes to school, when he is here, he isnt used to having to share us.  He was a little confused I think.  The older brother was also sort of confused, because Parker was older, so they were bother trying to out do each other.  Meaning Parker was building a fort – the other kid wanted to wreck it.

The littlest one was the only one that stuck with cookie making from start to finish, that kind of surprised me.  They were all pumped about making cookies, but only followed through with one or two.

After we frosted them all, we set out to deliver, or “Share” them with neighbors.  A few friends.  One person wasnt home, and after an accidental “No we dont go in peoples houses when they arent home” we set off for the other house – that was in the opposite direction.  Thankfully we had the help of a wagon for that round.  The second house the kids let themselves in and took their shoes off, making themselves at home.  Wooops!

We got home just in time for a nap, and then parents started showing up.

And now, its time for the second cup of coffee for the day!

Parker and the younger brother:

The whole gang:

Older brother, stirring red, I believe this was just before frosting started to fly:

Making orange, his favorite color:

Making blue:

“I can eat this, right?”:

Serious work:

The little guy was so full of personality…too cute:

And there you have it.  This years Christmas cookie making adventure.  Not quite as big and full as last years, but fun none the less.  Also?  Parker hasnt gotten any bigger, has he.  No, he hasnt.  I cant HEAR you!

One thought on “Christmas cookies!

  1. sarah says:

    Looks like fun. Cute photos.

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