The past day and 1/2 my cat hasnt been feeling well.  The whole “Weak” and lethargic thing that has been going on.  He wont eat, and only drinks very little.  Last night he attempted to empty his stomach, but having not eaten…well…there wasnt anything TO empty.  We thought maybe he just wasnt happy with his food, so I bought him a few new favorites, and some canned food (he never has been one to resist canned food!) but he turned his head, and didnt want anything to do with it.  His favorites werent doing the trick

This morning he didnt appear to be any better.  So we called and made an appointment to take him to the vets.  His worse favorite place of all times, and yet I dared to take him there the day before Christmas Eve, I know.  About 30 minutes later, we went home to scoop him up – and he was no where to be seen.

Just gone.

Weve looked everywhere, and he wont come out.  And we missed the last opportunity to bring him in today.  The last appointment was for at 11, and then they were booked for the day – its 10:45 and he is no where to be seen, still.

He loves Christmas, loves everything about it, I just hope hes feeling well enough to enjoy it this year.  And that he comes out too.  I miss seeing him already!

“I see that present, and it might just be for me!!”

One thought on “MIA

  1. naptimemomtog says:

    Aww! Hope he shows up feeling better soon!

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