Just got back from the vets with little buddy.

At first – the doctor scared us saying that he thought he was most likely in kidney failure.  He sent us out to wait for blood work.

He said 15 minutes.  About 45 minutes later he returned and said that there was “Good news” that all of his levels appeared to be fine.  Some were a little higher than they should be, but nothing to cause concern.  He also said that he was really dehydrated, and wanted to hook him up to fluids.  Since they closed early today he got about an hour of fluids before we picked him up.

They said that most likey?

He just got pissed off, and stopped eating.  And once cats get out of the habbit, they dont get back in themselves.


Mr kitty is back home, looking more alert, but still kind of tipsy.  Hes home, and all of the test came back clean and good.  Hes not even diabetic 🙂

He said to keep an eye on him, and if he isnt eating better by Monday to bring him back and they will do x-rays to make sure he didnt eat something he shouldnt have.

But for now, hes home, marching around with his “Cast” on from his IV…and sporting two bald spots (thick fur :))

Silly cat, just got pissed off 🙂

Hopefully he will be back to himself soon…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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One thought on “Just a quick update…

  1. sarah says:

    Glad he is back. Praying he will start eating soon.

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