Storm edition.

It took me a whole 20 minutes to figure out that we have been back in town this week.  This entire last week, this whole week that we just went through – weve been at home.  Which meant that vacation pictures were not going to work or count as “This weeks” “Weekly winners.”

Also the fact that we slept in until 1pm this afternoon.  Just saying.

I am so NOT back from vacation (not that we slept in while we were gone).

This past week, we battled storms, power outages, and high wind warnings.  And also – I took very few pictures.  What can I say?  Winter blues and piles of paper work to figure out.

I only have a few for this week (This actual full week that we have been back that I all but forgot about the week itself) but Im back, and back I plan to be, hopefully next week will be more, uh, productive?

“Theres a house under that tree”

We lost a few trees in the storm…my dad took it upon himself to cut the most dangerous ones down, like the one hanging off a cliff…

“If you give a man some danger…”

“He will ask for a tow truck to go with it” (you know, just to make it all that much more dangerous):

You can see David in the above picture.  My sister went home for a few minutes and told me to “Keep an eye on them to make sure they didnt get hurt” Ok…sure…alright.  I will stand back and watch…sounds like great fun.

After the storm moon (or, “My obsession with moons, continue”):

“This is how the sky REALLY looked”

Or…if I had photo shop, I could do some great wonders with the two pictures above.  Sigh.

Happy week to everyone!


One thought on “Weekly Winners: 10-10 – 10-16

  1. pieces of me says:

    oh nice shot of the moon!!!!

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