Our pastor preached this morning, like he does most Sundays.  His sermon was, for some reason, very powerful…atleast to me.  He preached on putting off Idolatry, and Im not even going to try and sum up what he said.

What is Idolatry?

Ascribing worth or more value to something or someone over God.

On the back of the bulletin was a list of nine examples of Idolatry.

1. Misrepresenting the character of God.  Making a God we are comfortable with.

2. Worshipping God the wrong way.  Worshipping in a routine way, not from the heart.  Also worship – WORTHship.

3. Worshipping images.  Enough said.

4. Worshipping angles.  People wont worship God, but instead will worship his creatures that HE created.

5. Worshipping demons/Satan.

6. Worshipping dead men.

7. Worshipping men still alive.

8. Ultimate loyalty of the heart.

9. Extreme desire for something (inordinate desire).

Its really made me stop and think – what IS important?  What really deserves me full attention and devotion?  Nothing.  No one.  No one other that God.

Its often humorous for me to look back and think that the Israelites, after watching Moses go into the mountain, turn around and say “Build us a god.”  But how often do I craft my own “gods” or “idols.”  Intentional, or unintentional – it happens and I need to put my priorities back in line, and put God back where He belongs.

I want Him to control my life.

I don’t want some hand made, man made image that I have created in my mind – to ruin my life.

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