When you have an endless, empty sea of sand on the Oregon coast

…with the day laid out before us, as empty as the beach, we set to work…

No buckets, or shovels, just our hands and imaginations

I made spirals…That as usual, got conned “The dungeon.”  If you look closely you can see a tunnel in the shadow, leading from my “Dungeon” to Amandas “Castle”

David did stars, and other shapes

And Amanda made a classical castle with doors and motes, and underground tunnels that connected to the rest

The finished product:

Yes it was windy.  Yes it was “Fall.”  Yes that is why the beaches were probably empty!

It was a fun day on the beach…until next time!

Good bye sand city!

2 thoughts on “This is what happens…

  1. Alisha says:

    LOVE!!! I love your series of photos and I especially like all the creative things you all did with your hands! Awesome! And I love the beach when it’s empty and even a little chilly. 🙂

  2. O, WOW! You all made a fantastic city in the sand!

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