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You Capture: Signs

{Day 9}

Ive been thinking about taking a break, from blogging lately…and if it werent for the blog-a-thon that I signed up to do, I probably would.  But Id really like to finish that.  I just cant seem to keep focused on any one thing lately, and as a result Im not able to do the best job in it.  I was looking back through some pictures I had taken earlier this year, and I liked them so much better than anything Ive taken recently.

Ive been looking for “Signs” this week, signs for everything.  From everyone.  For something, but to be honest, I just havent found any…and so I resorted to the regular signs.

And took a few of those instead.  I feel bad even posting these, because these arent the best they could be, but I just havent been able to focus, and be motivated to do the things I want…and seeing pictures like these…well…it kind of makes me want to give up on it all together.

But failure and I dont get along, so here we are.

Signs for this week include…

The dog infront of caution cones and a property for sale sign:

A street sign:

Our mail box, with a sign that belonged to the shop before us.  Love this old box, its big enough to get decent sized packages.

A welcome winter sign, that has been up for the past…few years:

And finally, my favorite, a sign we have hung in the shop – we dont just accept cash, but people seem to constantly think that we should “Trust” them to pay their bills:

Now if I could just find the “Signs” Im actually looking for.


7 thoughts on “You Capture: Signs”

  1. I love the rusty old mailbox.

    I know how you feel… I occasionally think about quitting the blogging thing, but then I get re-inspired and love it again. I imagine all of your creative energy is being used up by the renovation on your house right now. Hope that all comes together for you soon.

  2. Your pictures are great. You’re just holding yourself to too high of a standard. Relax! I love your mailbox because I used to be a mail carrier and mail carriers don’t like anything better than nice big mailboxes. And I really like the urban looking street sign against the backdrop of what looks like a deep, dark forest! Nice job all around!

  3. Great sign pictures! Love that last one! So glad you keep chugging along in this blog-a-thon! My hope is that by Oct when I am posting 1-2 times a week that will feel so easy!

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