{Day 8}

This week has seen a major change in our bathroom.  Last week the place was almost gutted entirely.  Thankfully dad put a few things back so it was atleast “Use-able” and we didnt have to make midnight trips to the shop to use the facilities!  Good thing we live so close!

Anyways…this week, he decided to tear the bath tub out and take a look in there – it was a good thing he did, because there was a big hole in the ply-wood.  Before the weekend we had something along these lines…

This would be where the tub WAS:

Or, rather, where it was suppose to be, or was before dad pulled it out.

This is where it sat for a few days instead:

And then we had this three day weekend, and the bathtub founds its way back home.  Which now has new plywood under it for support.

Its not completely finished yet, but as you can see the…Im not sure what you want to call it, the extra piece of “wall” that was built up infront is now gone.  New drywall and tub surround kit.  And its starting to feel / look like an actual bathroom…and the old smell is gone.  It now smells outside in the pile of old floor/wall/rotten things.

The walls still need prepped, and painted.  The floors need put in, but they just showed up yesterday (YAY!), the counter top still needs done, and a bunch of plumbing issues still need taken care of.  But its coming.

The dining room is coming together nicely too – the arches (which dad wasnt too sure abut) are done, and look awesome!  The walls are almost ready for paint now too.  That wall that is a green/blue – used to be the original outside wall, as in, the rest of the house was an extension, as most of the house was.  We plan to leave that wall, sand it, and give it a grayish look.

Everything is torn up and chaotic, but its looking better, and getting us all excited.

Were making progress…finally!

Any projects going on anywhere else this week?  Hows last weeks project coming if you had one?

2 thoughts on “Renovation Wednesday: Making progress

  1. Sarah says:

    It is getting there. Looking good!

  2. Sue Anderson says:

    I’m no expert, but these signs look pretty good to me!


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