{Day 5}

First things first:

MY COMPUTER IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did very good.  I didnt even cry once.  I thought about it, but I didnt.  There is just something about your computer – with a black or blue screen – leaving you feel helpless, that somehow turns your world upside down.  Especially if most of your world is ON there.  But all that aside…

I am SO glad to be back!

Even though I had an entire 24 hours without a computer – I didnt spend any more time with my camera.  Something about being disconnected left me feeling blah, of sorts.  I didnt get too many pictures this week,  hopefully that will change this coming week!

I did have some pictures of our roosters from my little “Photo shoot” with them.

Black and white, and red:

That picture reminds me of a quote a friend of ours said “Its all there in black and white, and sometimes red” of course, he was referring to the Bible…but that picture and colors reminded me of it.


Black or Yellow?


And then the projects of the week.

This is the wall from last week where the cat was sitting:

An….the bathroom…its coming together nicely!!


And there you have it.  Not a lot of variety this week, hopefully that will change this next week.  Happy Week to everyone!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Winners: 08-29 – 09-04

  1. Sarah says:

    Home renovation projects – SO FUN!!

  2. Donna says:

    I so wish we could have chickens and roosters here. Silly neighborhood rules!

  3. Tara R. says:

    The chicken is pretty in its own way. Very different looking.

  4. Nise says:

    That first shot is amazing! WOW

  5. Love that dancing rooster!

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