These are the words that I hate to be saying:

My computer is in the repair shop.



They said that they would try and get on it then, but that if it isnt done tomorrow (Saturday) that it wouldnt be ready to go until Tuesday.  Dont they know I have a blog-A-thon to participate in?  Do they not realize how far behind I will be in the matter of days?  I dont even want to think about that…

I hope for it to be done tomorrow – or tonight – but that doesnt look likely.

Im on my sisters computer, so atleast I will be able to post daily still…but there goes all the photo challenges I was hoping to participate in – pictures?  On the other computer.

So to who ever gave me that virus (myself most likely – ??)…

Ill see you all hopefully tomorrow.

One thought on “Bad words

  1. Tina says:

    UGH! Hope you get it back up and running soon!

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