I asked my sister to pick this weeks happiness picture – but she was only giving me pictures of.  And something that Im not sure what was.  So then I turned the tables on her, and decided I would write something about her…but I couldnt find the words tonight.

Below is something she wrote a few weeks ago about her and I, She writes so beautifully – I hope enjoy it as much as I did and still do.

My sister and I balance each other out perfectly,
I am sympathetic, she is realistic, I am a dreamer, she is a logical and makes things happen,
I find things, she packs,
I shop, she carries the bags,
I say something funny, she says something funny back,
I think of ideas, she tells me how I can (or cant!) reach them 🙂
We don’t agree on some things, but it works out better that way
I love popcorn jelly beans, and she likes tuti fruity, we both agree that jelly beans are good, and no need to fight over the flavors
She wakes up most night yelling that there are spiders in the room, I wake up most nights yelling at her to stop!
She is a photographer, I am the one who yells “get a picture of this, get a picture of that!”
She possesses an understanding of the world that is far deeper than anything I can create in my romanticized idealistic mind
I am a bit of a romantic, she doesn’t want a knight in armor, no retard in tin foil can ever capture her rapturous heart
I swear if we weren’t related, became opposite genders, and were somehow married, we’d be one of those perfect couples, LOL!!!
We never hug!! But don’t have to, or even want to somehow words even unspoken ones, are better then any hug
We can feel from any distance when the other is upset
We don’t live for each other,
but somehow through each other
and despite each other too!
A love hate, good bad, light dark, relationship, or lack-thereof
live, let live -or kill if need be
I do my own thing, she does hers, but we’re together all the time
Each assuming one role, then switching just as randomly,
its a living breathing
pseudo something, yet totally based on reality
we fight we laugh
we look at something, and see opposite sides -but always the same thing

I want to run away, she will try to stop me, and if that fails, come with me
I am a lonely, sobbing, pathetic mess, she sighs and says ONE thing that totally snaps me out of it
I reach for the stars, she reminds me that there are plenty right in our own backyard
We have an invisible pact, it became real somehow the first time I realized she was my sister, my friend, because though I don’t remember that day, I realize that only means it’s been real for nothing short of eternity….and though it’s unspoken with words, it’s more real then any paper contract,
That is
Written with our minds, full of “what if’s” but concrete in its reality, and it is signed with nothing less then sincerity
“If you were to….”
“Then I would.…”
“I promise”

-Me an You!

Happiness is having a sister as a best friend.

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